The Quiet Pride of Hufflepuffs


I think we need to talk about Hufflepuffs. For so long, being a Hufflepuff has been considered a negative character trait. However, the fact that it is the only house whose members do not actively boast, this is not a sign of embarrassment, but a sign of their character. It is time for Hufflepuffs to get the respect for the great people they are.

First, we must start with some of the most important examples from the source herself, JK Rowling. You can find her some writing on Hufflepuff here. Here is a prime example of the misunderstood and understated personality of Hufflepuffs.

An excerpt of Jk Rowling's welcome message to Hufflepuffs sorted on Pottermore.

An excerpt of Jk Rowling's welcome message to Hufflepuffs sorted on Pottermore.


As you can see, Hufflepuffs have produced some very influential witches and wizards in history. We just prefer to live quiet lives so you do not hear of the accomplishments. I do not share this for any other reason than to defend our reputation from years of undue ridicule.

We may be quiet and go about our business but we are not pushovers. We, like the badger on our house crest are not inherently aggressive; however, we will protect our homes and loved ones. We will not back down when we must defend what is important to us.

Jk Rowling herself says Hufflepuff is in many ways her favorite house in this interview.

This is from the mouth of the only person with a complete and true understanding of all the houses and their motivations. It makes me proud to be a Hufflepuff.

Now, sadly, I am a muggle, and can only experience this through the books, films and extended Pottermore writings. I do however; believe that there are lessons in all things. In today’s world, we need more Hufflepuff. As Gryffindor wanted the bravest students, Slytherin the purest and most powerful, Ravenclaw the wisest, Helga Hufflepuff wanted to accept all and give everyone who did not find a place amongst those particular houses. The houses are a reflection of their founders and that is something I take to heart. I want to be the best Hufflepuff I can possibly be by accepting those that are different, being fair and honest, and being loyal and protective of those I love.

I dare say, if we could find it in ourselves to be a little more outspoken, Hufflepuffs could change the world. To all of my fellow Hufflepuffs, be proud (albeit quietly proud). We know what it means to be wear the badger crest. 


And if you need any more proof that Hufflepuffs should not be rediculed, Deadpool is a Hufflepuff. And it's Canon...