Wonder Woman NCU Review - Spoilers


We nerds at The Nerd Collaborative went and saw Wonder Woman last weekend. We've gotten together to share our complete thoughts on the film!

Joshua Buckmaster: I personally thought the movie was GOOD but not GREAT. I enjoyed the film 100% but there were some areas that left me wanting more. I think there were some areas for improvement. It was a solid film but the hype is a little overblown. What did you guys think?? 

Clayton Benge: I totally agree, there were parts that were good but it was tied down by some scenes that seemed out of character for what the movie was going for. However, I think what helped it succeed is it was a more coherent story in comparison to say Suicide Squad.

Kurtis Ostrom: I feel like this was the only movie in the DCEU that I left feeling excited about. It had a solid story, a great cast, and it was able to find the balance between gritty realism and comic fantasy that made the last few movies so divisive. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and even though some moments seemed forced for the story, I thought they built it up enough to pay off his death in the end. That decision actually had weight. I don't know, it could just be me comparing again to Suicide Squad and BVS but I really liked it. 

JB: I enjoy the DCEU. I still rate BvS ahead of Wonder Woman (mostly on personal feel) but it's ahead of Suicide Squad. I'll hold my opinions on Suicide Squad for another group review or podcast. I LOVED Chris Pine and found myself wanting a Steve Trevor solo film. I didn't feel the connection between Gal and Chris. It felt forced and rushed. 

Wonder Woman in "No Man's Land", a fitting name for the battlefield. 

Wonder Woman in "No Man's Land", a fitting name for the battlefield. 

CB: Chris Pine  has these types of roles down (sarcastic hero type) and he was great in this but I do agree that he was somewhat held back by the script in some scenes and could only do so much to push along the dialogue. That said, I feel like the movie did a great job at portraying the struggles of the time and showing that in order to help people, there's more to consider than just defeating one person. If you look back at the battlefield scene it had a very Saving Private Ryan feel. The colors were more muddled, and you can see everyone's struggle around our main characters.

KO: Yeah I definitely bought Chris Pine as the motivated soldier type. And since you mentioned the setting and the battlefield scene, I feel like that was one of the best aspects this movie. They really got the feel of the war and that era without making the overall feel too heavy. And yes that battlefield scene (I'm assuming you're talking about the part with no mans land) was amazing. It was such an epic hero scene and it really showcased Patty Jenkins ability to do action. 

Not all of the CGI was bad, some were pretty WONDERful! 

Not all of the CGI was bad, some were pretty WONDERful! 

JB: I absolutely agree with the feel and tone portrayed as being a very good part of the movie. The juxtaposition of hope and optimism vs the dramatic realism of war was an excellent way to show Wonder Woman's heroic nature. I did feel that Gal Gadot's range of acting left a little to be desired for me personally. This combined with the clunky CGI is why I feel like it is GOOD not GREAT.

CB: I have to agree about the CG. When scenes relied too much on it, along with Super Lupin, it took me out of the movie. I did like the action early on when she was fighting soldiers and we got to see how powerful she was. Whenever I see grisly war films I think "how cool would it be if some super hero came in and just wrecked shop" and that itch was scratched.

KO: I'm really glad you brought up Super Lupin (played by David Thewlis.) I thought he was great as Sir Patrick. He's a likable, well mannered British man and I honestly didn't know he was going to be Ares. I know a lot of people did. However, that moment when he put on his Ares armor, but kept his big bushy mustache and started the kinda cheesy CGI god battle, they lost me. I almost laughed out loud, he looked so silly. 

JB: Me being a fan of Thewlis, it didn't bother me, There was so much questionable CGI in the move that the ending battle didn't bug me. Although it was reminiscent of the previous CGI battles in the DCEU it hardly was the worst part of the movie for me. Overall, I'd give it a 7/10. It's 100% enjoyable, with some flaws but definitely a film that everyone should enjoy and celebrate for its successes. If the success of this film allows for DC to get a better grasp of what the fans want, I'll appreciate it for that alone. Go see the movie and support the DCEU.

CB: I agree that it was enjoyable and I would say I fall around the 7/10 range as well. If anything, I'm now more interested to see how Justice League will do in November. 

KO: I think the whole studio has reason to celebrate. All in all there were brilliant moments of action, romance, gritty war scenarios contrasted with moments of levity and humor. I loved it and I really hope that they give Patty Jenkins creative freedom over the sequel. I feel like Justice league now has a lot to live up to with the new fans that Wonder Woman pulled in.  

Overall we have very positive thoughts as a group about the movie. After Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman has single handedly kept interest in the DCEU. Congrats to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot on their record breaking release. Excited for what the pair can bring to the DCEU in the future. Good see the film as many times as you can!