My Brother My Brother And Me: The Podcast That Became A Show


My Brother My Brother and me or (MBMBAM) started as an advice podcast for the Modern era back in 2010. It stars Justin, the oldest McElroy brother. Travis, the middlest brother, and your sweet baby brother, 30 under 30 media luminary, Griffin McElroy. As of the time of writing they are on their 357th episode of this good good podcast show. These boys must like to keep busy because in addition to the MBMBAM empire each brother hosts a plethora of podcasts (Like The Adventure Zone, Sawbones and Bunker Buddies,) YouTube shows (Like Monster Factory, Car Boys and Things I Bought at Sheetz,) and various other projects like game reviews for Polygon. You can find a list of all of the McElroy family podcasts and shows here. Their unique brand of comedy, brotherly love and amateur advice is infectious. It doesn't take long for your partner to start shaking their head over your incorporation of their inside jokes, catch phrases and solid goofs into your day to day speech. Their mainstream influence reaches as far as Broadway A-listers like Lin Manuel Miranda (the creator of "Hamilton" the Broadway musical) who is a regular guest on the McElroy shows.

In 2016 the Brothers got an officially licensed MBMBAM (tm) show on Seeso. This 6 episode adventure features the boys returning to their roots in Huntington, West Virginia and attempting to take over the city by cracking the code of todays youth, starting a cult, hosting a parade to honor spiders, and getting into all sorts of mischief that may or may not involve the higher ups in the local Huntington government. The format of the show is a mix of their podcast style banter blended with a Portlandia style of storytelling and sketches that just continues to get better the more you watch. If you have any ounce of love for comedy, Taco Bell press releases or Trolls, look no further. And if you are looking for some new advice gurus, and answers to questions like “What country is Queen Latifah the ruler of?” or “What is the difference between anorexic and balsamic?,” your search has ended. Check out their podcast and definitely take a look at the show and then yeah, you're good. No news yet as to when the second season is coming out but fingers crossed it happens soon and as always, no bummers.