Logan - Home Review and Blu Ray Release


Comic book movies are pretty commonplace these days. It seems like every other month there is a new Marvel or DC project coming to theaters or Netflix. Some of these, like Deadpool or Netflix’s Daredevil series can be a breath of fresh air and a sign that there are still creators out there who are willing to break the mold and change the path of the super hero genre. Christopher Nolan’s Batman series is credited with kicking off the dark, gritty, realistic spin that many directors try to emulate now like Zack Snyder did with Batman V. Superman in last year. It’s rare however that these comic book movies can get both the comic fantasy, and the gritty realism right, and that brings us to Logan.


Logan, starring Hugh Jackman (in his ninth and reportedly final appearance as Wolverine) and Patrick Stewart was recently released on video and I had a chance to sit down and finally experience what I can say is one of the best comic book movies ever made. Playing off of it’s R rating, this movie depicts the cruel, depressing future that Logan and Charles Xavier find themselves struggling in after the apparent extinctionof mutant kind. Drawing inspiration from the “Old Man Logan” comics, a world weary version of our hero has given up the mantle of “Wolverine” and has since been forced to find ways to conceal his super hero notoriety. He struggles to create a new life and a home for himself, Professor X (who’s old age has caused him to lose control of his telepathic abilities), and Caliban, one of the few mutants to have survived with them. The catalyst of the movie comes in the form of a young mutant named Laura (AKA X-23) played by Dafne Keen. She is brought to Logan by a woman who tasks him with escorting the young mutant cross country to “Eden”, a place in South Dakota rumored to be a safe haven for “homo superior”. At first, Logan tries to shrug off the responsibility, but his desire to protect Charles and start a new life soon become compromised and he's forced to take on the role of guardian to Laura. Together, they set off on a blood soaked road trip to seek asylum from the world that has turned them both into monsters.


From the very first scene, this film lets you know that you’re in for a completely different kind of Wolverine movie. Just like Deadpool, Logan forgoes the PG-13 strategy of trying to appeal to younger audiences, instead giving audiences a realistic look at a violent anti-hero. The result is, for the time on screen, we get to see what the result of a berserker with razor sharp claws might actually look like, and it’s completely satisfying. However, what makes this movie so outstanding is the fact that it flawlessly balances the action and violence with a truly thoughtful and touching story. Logan has soul. Logan delivers on the feels as well as the spectacle. It is a perfect movie in my opinion, and though I don’t want to get too much into the story (so I can avoid spoilers,) I thought it was well written, well acted and amazingly executed. I also can’t wait to see what the world has to offer Dafne Keen after this amazing break out performance. I would suggest pairing this film with a nice whisky and lots of tissues.

One thing I wanted to touch on since I’m writing this at the time of the home release is the bonus film Logan Noir. Not only did director James Mangold make a perfect Wolverine movie, he went a step further and created a bonus film converted to Black and White titled “Logan Noir.” As if the western vibes weren’t strong enough in the original film, this rendition casts a darker, more subtle tone over the whole setting. It takes those adult themes and dramatic elements and soaks them in brandy and forces you to embrace the tragedy that is Logan. If you’re looking to own this amazing piece of cinema, You can take the normal avenues with iTunes, or Amazon but you might be missing out on some exclusive benefits that come with a physical purchase. Walmart, Best Buy and Target all have their own, unique special edition versions of the movie.


The Target edition comes with the two Blue Ray movies and a special edition book of art and photographs from the making of the film.


Best Buy offers a special Steel Book of both the 4k and Blu Ray versions of the film, a Special Features Disk, and Logan Noir.


Walmart’s version comes with both the 4K and Blue Ray movie and Logan Noir with special features as well as posters commemorating the High Jackman run as Logan since the first X-Men movie.

Post edits and fact checking by: Tony Bonus