Inhumans Trailer 1 - First reactions


Our first look at Marvel's dysfunctional royal family is here. I feel like there will definitely be some missed opportunity releasing this as a television series vs a movie but it is what we're given so let's dive in. 

The look has a very Agents of Shield feel to the production quality. This makes sense with both shows being produced by the same studio. There is not a TON to go on here as to the quality of the show but I found a few promising takeaways. 

It looks like Maxiums (Iwan Rheon) is playing an equally large role on opposite sides as his brother and king Black Bolt (Anson Mount). We're familiar with his quality of acting, especially as a villain, from Game of Thrones. This should be a positive considering the lead protagonist doesn't speak as his voice is extremely destructive. 

We only got a small glimpse of the effects they'll have at their disposal but it was promising. Almost assuredly everyone's favorite member of the family makes a glorious appearance. Lockjaw, the giant teleporting dog actually looks very good in his brief trailer appearance. This is a good sign as Agents of Shield doesn't always have the best effects. 

As much as I wish this were going to be a movie, I'm excited to see more. Cautiously optimistic about the quality. I'll be watching as I watch Agents of Shield as well despite the network TV feel. 

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Let us know!