HarmonQuest: The epic, hilarious adventure


Harmon Quest is a show on Seeso created by Dan Harmon who is known for his work on shows like Community and Rick and Morty. It’s less of a show and more of a live comedy improv/cartoon where Dan and has friends get together and play Dungeons and Dragons in front of a studio audience. WAIT, Wait… before you click away, it’s not that kind of Dungeons and Dragons. I know the stigma. D&D is just bunch of fat, sweaty nerds who can’t cope with their friendless, miserable lives so they have to retreat into a basement and engage in a world of fantasy to prove to themselves that they are somebody. If that’s how you feel about D&D though… two things: A) Shut your mouth, and B) if you like board games, movies, hanging out with friends, drinking, and thinking creatively you should probably try out D&D at least once in your life. I mean, come on, Vin Diesel plays all the time and he’s one of the coolest guys around.

The show and campaign follows the epic quest created and run by Spencer Crittenden and played by Dan Harmon, Erin McGathy, and Jeff B. Davis and always includes one special guest. If Vin Diesel being a nerd doesn’t get your attention then how about some more name dropping like… Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Middleditch, Aubrey Plaza, John Hodgman, and Paul F Tompkins… just to name a few of the amazing comedians who have been on Harmon Quest. As the adventure progresses there are accompanying animations that illustrate their journey and help bring the campaign to life. If it’s Aubrey Plaza being a sarcastic, apathetic gnome or John Hodgman filling the shoes of an evil wizard who turns people into food, every special guest is animated into the show and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did when seeing Kumail portrayed as a tiny lizard person (who is a janitor in some ancient ruins) as he proceeds to work the group over for gold and fantastical, sexual favors. The show has one season under it’s belt and season 2 is slated to come out in Seeso this July 2017. If you love comedy, board games, and general nerd shenanigans you need to check this show out.