Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels DLC


As a kid I used to play the Gran Turismo games all the time but I kinda fell out of touch with the franchise after I got my PS3 late in the run. I didn't pick up another racing game until my friend turned me onto Forza 5 for my Xbox One. I immediately fell in love with the driving simulator and put tons of hours into Forza 6 after that was released.

Then came the horizon games. After loving a simulator like Forza, why would I want to dumb down the experience with an arcade style multiplayer? What's the benefit? I held off for a bit until I tried my friends copy of Forza Horizon 3. I think I spent about 3 hours just flying across the beautifully rendered Australian Outback in Koenigsegg Agera on my first play through. It wasn't until I actually bought the game that I started doing races. 

The open world map is so stunning there can be times where it's hard to focus on your driving as you head into a double rainbow backlit by an amazing sunset over the ocean. I think at the time of writing this I'm about level 320 in Horizon 3 and I'd say it's become one of my all time favorite games. 

I could go on about the base game for a while but that's not what this is about. Recently the Hot Wheels expansion was released for the Horizon 3 game. Just when I thought there was no way they could make that franchise any better, they go ahead and make this. Loops, inversions, dinosaurs, half pipes, and so much more, all playable in the beautifully designed array of Forza cars and a few Hot Wheel special editions. There's nothing else like it. The courses are built over a secluded island that's detached from the main land. It functions much like the main game where you win races to unlock more challenges to further your progress. The only difference now is that since some of the courses are so twisted and insane, they start you in an A class series and you progress to faster and faster cars. It quickly becomes obvious why they had to structure it that way. I'd say if you love racing games, you must check this out. If you don't like racing games, what's wrong with you? And you should still play this DLC.