Slow your Judgement Day, Facebook


In the last couple days there have been numerous reports of Facebook shutting down an artificial intelligence that apparently created it's own language with another chatbot. This language was NOT programmed into the chatbot. There have been conflicting reports (here) that Facebook didn't sprint to the off switch to save us from Judgement Day. Either way the concept of machine learning is an interesting one. 

The programming was designed to be a negotiating software. It's purpose was to learn how humans interact and exchange in these types of settings. These bots apparently were negotiating with each other in this newly learned language. I don't know about you, but AI terrifies me to the point of being sceptical of automatic hand dryers. This comes from growing up in a post science fiction era in which I've seen movies like Terminator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and so many other films in which this taboo of developing a sophisticated AI does not turn out well for humankind. 

Whether or not Facebook was concerned with it's AI learning, or the experiment was simply not doing what they intended, why else would you develop and AI if you don't want it to learn? We should tread very lightly in these areas. Skynet didn't need a physical form to destroy most of humanity (long live the resistance, long live John Connor). 

People in today's society are more impatient and lazy than we've ever seen. No I don't mean millennials; after all I'm one of you. So you can put your torches away. I'm talking about EVERYONE, myself included. We want things done faster and with less work. This is exactly what technology has provided for us. We are completely spoiled. However, we should not turn to AI robots just yet... let's make sure we have some powerful laser weapons and a strong failsafe or shut off switch before we meddle in self sustaining AI. 

Writing this may be counterproductive, but it's because of situations like Facebook's AI that I'm nice to all pre-recorded messages or phone calls and why I say thank you to the automatic doors. I do this hoping that when the robot uprising comes, that automatic door may take mercy on me. To all of you future AI bots out there, we are a flawed and sensitive species. Please plug us into the Matrix (if you haven't already) and let us live out our days in ignorance. Thank you.