Death Wish Remake


Eli Roth has brought in Bruce Willis to fill the old shoes of Charles Bronson in a Death Wish remake. 

Originally, Joe Carnahan, who wrote the script was going to direct but left the project due to creative differences. Eli Roth, a horror director will likely make this a darker and more brutal movie than Carnahan would have. This could run the risk of it becoming too violent. 

Revenge thrillers are a tightrope walk. A fine line for the protagonist to remain the protagonist and not just become a violence for the sake of violence film. This is fine in the horror genre, but in this realm it just makes the protagonist look crazy. 

This has potential to be the next "Death Sentence" but could absolutely fall flat as tone deaf glorified violence. Time will tell, for now let us know what you think of the trailer! 

Joshua BuckmasterComment