D23 - Highlights


This past weekend in Anaheim, CA, Disney held their annual D23 expo. Whether you're a Star Wars nut, a Marvel studios fanatic, or a all around Disney fan, you would love this expo. It's essentially a Disney themed Comic Con. D23 is bigger than ever with all of their new properties and expanding parks. So this may a long list of highlights. Let's jump right in...

Upcoming Movies:

  • A Wrinkle in Time:

    • The film, based on novels from 1963. A Wrinkle in time is about 2 kids and their friend searching for their lost father. It's a space adventure based on beloved books, with an excellent cast being made by DIsney. Chalk it up for major success. 
  • The Lion King:

    • We have a near full cast with a few large roles missing. The reports out of D23 are that the first footage of the movie look incredible. Unfortunately, this footage hasn't been released or *cough* leaked *cough* yet. I'm very excited for The Lion King personally, after the success of the Jungle Book, i have no doubts. 
  • Aladdin

    • After MANY reports of Disney having a hard time casting the title character, Mena Massoud was announced pas Aladdin. He joins Naomi Scott as Jasmine and Will Smith as Genie. This is basically the extent of the information we have. All I can say is they'd better not mess this one up. 
  • Incredibles 2

    • We didn't get any footage, but we did get some clarification on some key plot points. After some theories that the movie would take place years after the events of the first, we now know that it'll pick up right where we left the family. The movie will focus heavily on Elastagirl's perspective of the story. As my personal favorite Pixar movie of all time, this was close to the top of my list of exciting news. 
  • Wreck It Ralph 2

    • There wasn't a ton of news for the new Wreck it Ralph, but one incredible moment happened when most of the Disney Princesses' original voice actresses were all on stage at the same time. They'll be returning for what feels like "The Avengers" of the animated Disney world. Wreck It Ralph will bring together the Princesses, Star Wars and Marvel as he"Breaks the Internet." 

Star Wars:

There were a ton of awesome Star Wars news shared. Here a few of the highlights. 

  • Star Wars Land(s)

    • As we've known, they are building a Star Wars Land in both Disneyland and Disneyworld. This in itself wasn't news. The incredible model they revealed however, was. It looks to be an incredibly detailed part of the park. Not only did we get a glimpse at the park but physical models are sort of a thing of the past. Leave it to Disney to show off like that! There will be two rides and an immersive role playing experience in the park. 
  • In addition to Star Wars Land, Disney announced a Star Wars themed hotel that will be located at DisneyWorld. The whole experience will immerse guests in Star Wars lore including clothing and role playing. If only they had this open for my Honeymoon.

Marvel Studios: 

from Nerdist

from Nerdist

  • Marvel showcased some costumes from Black Panther and some life size figures of Thanos and his children. Avengers Infinity War and Black Panther seemed to be their biggest focus for D23 with a sprinkling of info on Thor: Ragnarok. 
  • Some of the most interesting information to come out of their panel were the details of the trailer for Infinity War. As a big fan of Captain America I was most intrigued to hear he's sporting a fresh beard in the trailer. I wonder if he'll be going full Nomad as he ditched his shield the last time we saw him. Unfortunately the Infinity Wars trailer they showed was also kept under wraps so hopefully it'll be released soon!

There were MANY more details that came out at D23 but these are some of the biggest that caught our eye. I encourage you to check out everything you can. With SDCC coming up this weekend, there will be TONS of news coming out.