My never ending battle with critics

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The running joke among the NCU and really all of my friends is that I've never watched a movie I didn't like. Which isn't completely true, but it's an important aspect of my fandom.
I always say, with proper expectations, no movie is a disappointment.
This extends to all aspects of life, but for the sake of this article we'll stick to movies. 

The misconception I get when I discuss movies is that I don't think there are bad movies. There are 100% bad, poorly made, hard to watch movies. This doesn't mean I can't enjoy the film for what it is. For example, if you're disappointed by The Expendables, its probably on you. Movies are generally made for a specific audience and the ones that aren't, usually try to do too much and fall short of their goals. If your expectations for The Expendables is sweet nostalgic action with the biggest action stars in the history of action movies then you will enjoy the movie wholeheartedly. If you expect oscar worthy acting, or side splitting laughs, you'll be disappointed, but again... that's on you. 

The other philosophical aspect of this for me is my generally positive outlook. I don't actively search for negative things to rip apart a movie. I can acknowledge mistakes or fatal flaws in a movie and set it aside and allow myself to still get caught up in the movie. The biggest debate with the NCU is Suicide Squad. An author, who will not be named... *cough*Kurtis*cough* DESPISES Suicide Squad and finds so many gripes with the movie that he can't even finish it. 

I agree with some to many of his issues with the movie and acknowledge it's far from perfect, but I know enough about the DC universe that my mind fills in the blanks. I can see those flaws and still allow myself to enjoy the movie. Ultimately, I hinge my enjoyment on a few strong performances of big DC characters, some sweet action, and the fact that it's a superhero movie that shouldn't be taken too seriously. 

I don't fault *cough*Kurtis*cough* for not liking the movie. I value that opinion and understand he's coming at it from a more critical point of view. Its just my own personal point of view that makes me WANT to enjoy the movie. So if you enjoy being critical and finding the faults in movies I say go right ahead. 

Films in many cases are a way to escape and leave our scary little world for one filled with heroes, villains, joy, hate, love and everything in between. I try to truly immerse myself in the world on the screen. If I am looking to actually FIND things, good or bad, it takes me out of that world and I find less enjoyment. 

For me, its a bigger philosophical point of view. I always try to find a positive in every situation. I do my best to make sure I do not dwell on negatives and the things I can't control. Ultimately, however you like to enjoy your movies, that will be best for you. But always remember, if someone enjoys a movie... it isn't "BAD" to them. We all come from different points of view and see things differently. Find the way that you enjoy the most and stick to it. For me, I'm going to enjoy Suicide Squad.