How The Babadook Became An LGBTQ Icon?


If you're unaware of the story of the Babadook, you should fix that. It's probably one of the best original horror movies to come out in the last few years. He's essentially a boogeyman type creature who "lives" in a children's pop up book. The book finds its way into the hands of a single mom and her son. The creature is a plague on their already stressful lives as The Babadook posesses and tears the mother and son apart. You should see it. 


So how did this evil creature of darkness become a mascot for pride month? It all started with a Netflix error and a Tumblr post. Tumblr user Taco-bell-rey noticed that the Babadook had been listed on the streaming site under the LGBT section and posted a screenshot of the listing. The post quickly went viral gaining thousands of notes, blog posts, retweets and more. Back in January, Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick really drew some atttention to the meme on his twitter. This spurred a flurry of fan art, hash tags and amazing internet jokes all embracing the new pride friendly monster. 


Since June is pride month, this introduced a whole new level of fandom for the Babadook meme from thousands more people sharing it on twitter. Fans have even started to theorize wether or not the Babadook is actually gay or not. Many of these arguments are based on the creatures personality, fashion sense and ability to craft pop up books. While I won't go too far into these, it's pretty amazing to see how far the Internet will go over something as simple as a Netflix error. 

Here are just a few examples of Babadook Pride posts and fan art