Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser on PS4


The release of the new Spider-Man movie is quickly approaching and Ps4 owners were recently treated to a brief teaser for Spider-Man Homecoming, in the PSN store. The video titled, A Film By PeterParker is only a few minutes long but it's a fun video diary shot from Tom Holland's perspective. In the video we see Peter Parker as he is chauffeured by Tony Starks driver, Happy, to a hotel room where he is gifted his brand new suit, courteousy of Tony Stark. We then see a few clips from the Stark V Rogers brawl in Civil War. These short little clips are awesome because it shows us how Peter was so excited to be included in this fight that he took the time to set up his camera and record it for himself. Quips, humor, and awkwardness? Count me in! July 7th can't get here soon enough. 


The title screen in the PSN store


Peter before he gets his new suit


Spidey gives us an over the shoulder of giant Ant-Man from Civil War


No filming on the Stark jet


Peters New Suit