Nathan Fillion IS Nathan Drake in Short Fan Film


YES you read that right, today, totally out of nowhere (at least unbeknownst to us) came this short film based on the Uncharted series. For a fan film, this could not be more satisfying since none other than Nathan Fillian plays as the sarcastic charmer, Nathan Drake. For years he’s wanted to do this role so it’s great to see him finally get there in at least some capacity along side Stephen Lang playing Sully.


Another great part about this adaption is those who have played through the series will notice some of Drakes moves are pulled straight from the game. Director Alan Ungar only has a few movies under his IMDb credits but you can tell he has a passion for the series through these minor details. You also might appreciate a scene towards the end where it goes full 3rd person shooter mode during a tracking shot. Seeing a passion project of this caliber is bittersweet, if only something like this had come sooner, perhaps giving Sony the push they’d have needed to get the full length feature moving while Fillian was young enough to lead a potential franchise. Hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised by Sony’s upcoming Tom Holland version although seeing the track record of video game movies along with Sony’s misses over hits in recent years I’m not holding out hope. Let us know what you thought of this live action version of Uncharted! 

Joshua Buckmaster