Movies I Had No Clue Were On Hulu


In light of having plenty of streaming services to chose from, I never really had the biggest notion of delving into the Hulu pond. That is until I found out that not only do they have a few good shows, but they also have some pretty great movies as well. Somewhat new movies (mostly from last year) that I've been wanting to see but just haven't gotten around to paying for a VOD rental. Until now! So here's my short list of gems I recently found after browsing some of Hulu's library.

1. The Square (2017)
One of those weird artsy fartsy type movies that can be kind of slow but ends up being totally nutty and leaves you wondering what the heck you just watched by the end. It has aspects of a documentary while at the same maintaining the structure of a film. There's a crazy white guy who thinks he's an ape, some really weird art installations that people i the film don't seem to think twice about and like 3 or 4 plotlines shoved into one movie. I mean, the premise sounds straightforward enough: "Disaster strikes when a curator hires a public relations team to build some hype for his renowned Swedish museum", but there's definitely more going on here. 

2. Loving Vincent (2017)
A movie about artist Vincent Van Gough which focuses on circumstances of his death. Yeah, that sounds kind of sad but it's actually pretty magical when you realize the whole movie is animated in the style of his paintings (65,000 frames) and the score was composed by Clint Mansel! Okay, I'll admit we don't see a whole lot of Van Gough in this movie but it being the first movie to have been animated this way is an achievement and must be seen on that merit alone. As long as you're in the mood for some mushroom-induced looking frame rates that will probably leave you seeing everything in a wavy brush stroke style a while after it's over, this will be thoroughly spectacular for you. 

3. Dave Made a Maze (2017)
If you haven't heard of this movie I don't blame you. But you should know it's actually pretty fun and much more crafty than a lot of low budget indie's attempt to be. This guy who's bored one day builds a labyrinth in his apartment from cardboard and household items and subsequently gets lost in it. The premise of the movie follows his friends who are trying to find him and make their way out. Since everything is supposed to be made of craft materials It gets really fun to see what the turn around the next corner may bring. The sound design is also really well done which helps completely elevate the intentionally inexpensive looking set design.

4. Ninja Scroll (1993)
If you're a fan of 90's anime like Akira or Ghost in the Shell and you haven't seen this I would highly recommend. Perhaps more violent and quite a bit more graphic than those previously mentioned but just as solid. Great characters and that hand-drawn animation that we all know and love from that era is just timeless so for those who are always looking for more of that, eat this up!

5. Thelma (2017) 
This is an interesting one. A supernatural thriller and lesbian drama rolled into one. This girl has some gnarly seizures and then realizes she has powers. It's probably not for everyone but a pretty unique film in its own right.

6. I Kill Giants (2017)
I didn't even realize this was out already. I had kind of been anticipating it at some point this year but apparently, it came out in March? I had no idea and now you can watch it for free! It's based off a hit manga series and the protagonist is played by that young actress whose breakout was being the possessed girl in the Conjuring 2. She's a giant slayer which seems kind of awesome for such a young, small person although I got kind of a When a Monster Calls vibe from the trailer so if you enjoyed that film you'll probably enjoy this one too!