Bethesda Announces Fallout 76


The next game in the acclaimed Fallout franchise was announced earlier this morning. Fans hoping for Fallout 5 will have to hold their britches, however, because Fallout 76 seems to be an online game following the story of a non-experimental in vault in Virginia opened 20 years after the bombs fell. The announcement trailer does give eagle eyed and lore savvy viewers a few hints about the game, notably the year indicator on a pip boy, and the empty vault. It seems that the game might take place 5 years after the vault is opened to reclaim the wasteland, and perhaps a vault dweller who has stayed behind these five years is now finally venturing out himself.

Kotaku seems to have a tip hinting that the game has an online element, and with the recent explosion in popularity of battle royal games, and Bethesda having a key pillar of their game design centering on base/settlement building, could we be looking at Fallout: Fortnite? E3 looms ever closer and this gamer is hungry for details!