A Review of Zelda Breath of The Wild by Our Guest, Youth Author, JT


The Nintendo Switch is paving the way towards the future of portable gaming. There was nothing better to begin the journey than the biggest Nintendo game in history. In a business bogged down by the monotonous open-world games of Ubisoft, this game ditches the patterns of pointless towers, mindless destruction, and repetition. The first two hours I played Breath of the Wild were filled with absolute wonder and amazement at the well made, but easy to use, menus, sprawling beautiful world, and intuitive gameplay. This entry in the series, like others, excels in the combat portion of gameplay. Fighting Bokoblins, Moblins, and Guardians is fluid, responsive, and all-around fun. But, when does open world become too open ended? That was the
trouble I found in Breath of the Wild. It's so vast, so beautiful, that eventually I became bored. The shrines, innovative and interesting as they were, slowly became repetitive and the enemies didn't get any harder. I took a break for a long time but decided to pick it up again after a month or so. That's when I started doing the objectives instead of wandering around. I got a “second wind” for Zelda. Each Beast, the mechanical automatons that are needed to destroy Calamity Ganon, had a fun new mechanic, harder enemies, and incredible mini-bosses. My recommendation, if you start getting bored killing the enemies over and over, set your marker for the Divine Beasts or a side mission. This game is too good to be wasted, so if you have a Switch, why don't you have it yet?

Written by our guest, youth author: JT