Creepy Comics for Spring Reading


Halloween is not around the corner but we just had Friday the 13th as of this writing and Springtime is great for spending some time outdoors under a tree reading a delightfully weird or creepy comic! (that way you don't get those burdensome nightmares). Here are just a few recommendations that should suit your fancy.

harrow county volume 7

1. Harrow County - Cullen Bunn/Tyler Crook
It's a Southern Gothic tale based around a young girl named Emmy, who has a mysterious origin that's tightly woven with that of Harrow County's (where the story is set), revealed more and more over each volume. If you like stories about voodoo spells, witches, forest creatures known as haints and ghosts, then you will probably also really like this series. Yes, there are some unsettling things but somehow it never gets to a nightmarish level of disturbing and the tone tends to lighten up here and there. The settings are beautifully illustrated in dark ink and watercolor by artist Tyler Crook. Praised over as a "comic for non-comic readers" the first issue was released in 2015 and the series is now set to sadly end this year come June. While this is unfortunate news, for those who aren't caught up can grab volumes 1-7 at just about any comic store near you, with volume 7 having just released at the beginning of April.

Harrow County
Shiver Junji Ito

2. Shiver - Junji Ito
Not based on the David Cronenberg movie of the same name but actually a culmination of stories by Japanese manga artist Junji Ito. Now before you get hung up on the whole manga thing let me tell you this is more akin to a Japanese version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark but in comic form. Ito writes and illustrates everything on his own and his work is strikingly detailed and nightmarishly grisly. A few stories of note are one about a man who has dreams that last for years and get longer each time, having very adverse effects on him physically and mentally. Another finds people being chased by balloons with nooses hanging from them. The scarier part is the balloons are large versions of the persons head they are chasing after. Those and 7 other stories are contained in this nearly 400-page volume. For more Ito check out Uzumaki or Gyo which are some of Ito's most note-able works. 

Shiver Junji Ito
Plastic Image comics Doug Wagner

3. Plastic - Doug Wagner
For having been released last October, it seems the buzz for this one is still picking up and it is definitely as weird as people say. Thanks to publishers like Image, we are seeing more and more of these weird but unique stories that are finding more of an audience these days. Without spoiling too much it's basically centered around a serial killer murdering his way through Louisiana to save his girl who happens to be a uhhh sex doll. Yeah pretty odd but it's actually a great read along the likes of Nailbiter which wrapped up last year (I also strongly recommend). It's quite violent and the art while not a style you haven't seen before is very well done and works well for the story. Again, this one can probably be found at any comic retailer and is also on comixology for all you digital collectors. Happy reading!