Player Unknown’s Mobile Grounds

If for some reason you still haven’t heard, PUBG is now available on mobile! Shortly after Epic Games launched their Fortnite event on iOS, Player Unknown’s appeared out of the blue with a counter offer. So how does this game hold up on a phone? Pretty well, actually! 


First off, if you haven’t read my Fortnite post, let me just say I’m not normally drawn to shooter style games. I tend to play them only when I have groups of friends who are all in it together. It’s more of a fun social activity for me than anything else. That being said, PUBG is probably one that I’m worst at. I tend to survive by laying low until the end, when I inevitably get killed by the first person I come across. Some matches I’m lucky to get even a single kill. However, I seem to do significantly better at the mobile version of the game. They added a few things like aim assist for this platform but there are actually a lot of features that I think work better on the phone. 


One of the most confusing parts of the game on Xbox (at least to me) is the inventory management and menu navigation. I’m constantly fumbling over attachments and gear and it gets frustrating. The menus on iOS are much more streamlined and the auto-pick up function is really handy as well. I don’t like the dedicated shooting buttons, especially the one on the left of the screen. It’s to close to the joy stick and it’s frustrating when you’re sprinting and then start shooting off rounds accidentally. I’ve noticed considerably less lag and rubber banding on the mobile version as well which is nice.  


the worst part about the mobile game is the driving controls. They’re atrocious but I can’t really think of another way it could be done. Maybe two joysticks instead of the four directional buttons? As with Fortnite iOS, the PUBG version can be frustrating on a small screen but my iPhone 6S seems to be manageable. Any smaller though and I think it would be too difficult to really see anything. While I still haven’t gotten a chicken dinner on this platform, I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. If you’re serious about your shooters it’s probably not for you. If you’re just looking for something fun to do on your lunch breaks or st the DMV, I’d recommend it.