Literally Just A List Of Green Movies For St Patrick’s Day


The Big Green - Duh

The Matrix Reloaded - Have you seen how green this shit is? 

The Green Mile - Obvious

Green Street Hooligans - Seeing a pattern yet?

Green Room - I’m Green daba dee daba dai 

The Leprechaun - So festive

Fern Gully - Green shit everywhere in this one

Green Lantern - Ugh

The Happening - The green stuff is trying to kill us

The Green Hornet - I guess he’s green?

Troll In Central Park - Green Thumb won’t run

Fight Club - We do not talk about the color filter

Green Inferno - More red than green but what can you do? 

Arrow - Took the green right out of his title

Soylent Green - It’s people!!! 

Braveheart  (It’s near Ireland) - Close enough?

Troll 2 - Little green bastards   

The Cranberries: Dreams - Green enough 

 Anything with Seth Green, Eva Green, Sonequa Martin-Green, or Logan Marshall-Green works too.