Our Cartoon President Is A Much Needed Beam Of Comedic Light


Political satire is nothing new to American Culture. For years we've had shows like The Daily Show, that existed for the sole purpose of making light of the ridiculous stories and situations that are born from the American government. Youtube, Facebook and other social media platforms have given smaller yet equally creative studios an outlet to build on the political satire genre. Internet trolls aside, this has opened the gates for some truly hilarious content that I rely on to break up my daily intake of depressing news and real life stories, such as: the US exiting the Paris Climate agreement or legalizing the hunting in Alaskan Wildlife sanctuaries. Our Cartoon President, A new show from Showtime and Stephen Colbert, has managed to rise above the ranks as one of my favorite political satire shows on air, to date. 


The show focuses on the Trump family as well as most of the members of the current administration, and their struggle with the day to day tasks of running a country. The character design, voice acting, and over the top animation are spot on and have led to many laughing fits in my living room. Ben Carson, Eric Trump, and Jeff Sessions are a few of my favorite characters and they're dialogue is completely ridiculous, yet all too familiar. New episodes air every Sunday and this weekly format allows them to shape each installment to fit alongside current events and breaking news. If you don't have showtime but you're curious about the show, you can watch the first episode for free on youtube, video below.