The Shining Sequel: What We Know

Doctor Sleep

In case you missed the news, Stephen King’s critically acclaimed 2013 novel and sequel to The Shining is finally on track for a feature film directed by none other than Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Gerald’s Game). With a dedicated director nailed to the project, Warner Bros is fast tracking the film to production with the recent success of “IT”.  

Doctor Sleep movie book

For those unfamiliar, Doctor Sleep is a direct sequel to The Shining, which portrays an adult Danny who is now an alcoholic due to the traumatic events of his past. The story is much more focused around Danny’s psychic abilities or “the shine”, and elaborates on the depth of this power he has by helping others while also still managing to be a creepy story with implications on the violence of obsessive human nature; I would expect no less from a Stephen King story. 

No release date has been set but we could see this coming as early as 2019 if production gets underway this year which would put it up against the IT sequel. Have you read Doctor Sleep? What’s your favorite Shining adaption? Let us know!