Upcoming Horrors with Sweet Posters But No Trailers!


So with Sundance film festival underway, there is a slew of wonderful indie films waiting to reveal themselves to a wider audience as various studios pluck them up for release later this year and there are two, in particular, I am just itching to get a taste of. I am of course referring to the two horror films that have received quite the buzz over the past few days and also revealed their respective posters but alas, NO TRAILER! Here's why you should be looking out for these films as well:

nicolas cage Mandy 2018

1. Mandy 
Seriously, Nicolas Cage is in like 7 movies this year, just look at his IMDB. This one looks to be the most unexpected and perhaps the most bizarre. Apparently, it's gotten very split reactions from audiences at Sundance but with the premise of a revenge plot set in the 80's in which an enraged Nic Cage comes after a crazy cult who slaughtered the love of his life, how could lovers of the horror genre possibly go wrong! On top of a cult, there will apparently be half man half monsters and lots of blood smattering (see photo to the right). The poster if fcking awesome (pretty sure those are two guys battling with chainsaws at the bottom) and I am really looking forward to the trailer for this one. Hopefully now you are as well! 

Hereditary Horror movie 2018

2. Hereditary
A24 has 2 untitled horror films on their slate for this year and this has recently been revealed to be one of them. The poster is strikingly well designed and really makes you wonder what this film is going to be all about. You can read early reviews and plot synopsis online OR you could wait for the trailer to drop (which it hopefully will soon). What we have looked into so far is that it's going to be quite a thrill ride as audiences have been calling it "the scariest film of the year". While I personally feel it's a bit early in the year to make such a bold claim, that line used in horror marketing has yet to fail me as I've enjoyed most past horror flicks that have used that in their trailer or poster. Apparently, the plot will be about a family who gradually learns of a dark past in their family which turns their lives into a bit of a nightmare somehow. Featuring mostly no names or up and comer actors, this was budding director Ari Aster's first debut which seems like it may be going the way of The WItch which was Robert Eggers first directorial debut and was quite a special film. I have nothing bad to say about A24 as they constantly deliver and this is sure to continue their hot streak. Look out for a trailer here on the Nerd Collab as soon as it's released!