Nintendo's New Labo Kits Are Everything I Wanted As A Kid


When I was a kid I used to love playing with builder sets that combined concepts like coding or robotics with a physical toy item. I had Lego robotics sets, Kinex and Tinker Toys with engine parts and several other brands of similar toys and builder sets. Nintendo's latest product, Labo, aims to get kids creating and thinking with physical objects while utilizing the innovations of the Nintendo Switch. While many people have been eager to shoot this idea down as just expensive trash, I see the entertainment and developmental potential that this could provide for kids (and maybe myself.) While yes the kits cost upwards of around $50 they come with all the pre-cut pieces and the software that pairs with the kit. If you've bought a kids toy in the last few years, including Lego, you'll know that it isn't rare to see $100 price tags on the shelves. People have already begun discussing the potential use of the software without the Nintendo kits. In other words, what creations can you make with your own cardboard, a 3D printer, or any other crafting materials. While I really like the concept, it'll be interesting to see if the market likes it enough to buy into the new line.