Daniel Wu Shared The Alicia Vikander Tomb Raider Trailer On His Instagram


Tomb Raider is a classic game franchise and the latest titles have really taken the games to new heights. When the movie was announced there was some slight discomfort from the memories of the mediocre Angelina Jolie romps. We've all been eagerly awaiting a trailer and promo material for the new Tomb Raider movie since it's announcement. Recently we got a teaser, a poster and TODAY, this trailer. Daniel Wu shared it on his Instagram and last I checked it seems to have been pulled. While it is unfortunately an IG square ratio, it's still cool to see how they're translating the game to the big screen. This is the next attempt at a game to movie translation and hopefully things go well! 

UPDATE: The Trailer has since been removed from our YouTube for copyright violation but it's still up on our Instagram and Facebook