Adam Savage Interviews Nerd Icons In New Podcast "Syfy Origins"


You may know Adam Savage from the show Myth Busters or his YouTube channel, Tested. Those who do know him understand just how deep and wide his nerd roots actually extend. He used to work for Industrial Light and Magic and has designed and built sets and props for some of the biggest movies in Hollywood. He has also dedicated much of his life to collecting, building and recreating props, costumes and models like Han Solo's blaster or the space suit from Alien. Now Adam has decided to dig into his Rolodex of nerd contacts and invited some big names (like Neil Gaiman and Chris Hardwick) to sit down for an interview. His podcast, Syfy Origins, is a series of 30 minute conversations with these nerdy icons about their experiences with various movies and projects. The interviews are awesome and incredibly insightful for being just under 30 minutes each; Adam is a great host as always. I highly recommend this podcast if you like hearing Hollywood insiders and nerds reminisce about their past projects and experiences. Check it out!