Doom, Wolfenstein 2 and More Coming to Nintendo Switch


Today Nintendo Live-Streamed their Nintendo Direct presentation and dropped a whole lotta new content on us. With Comic-Con and E3 already in the rearview mirror, what more could we learn from Nintendo so late in the year? For 3DS owners, you'll be excited to learn that YOU TOO will be able to play Minecraft now. Of course you'll have to purchase it again if you already own it on another system, but hey, that's not so bad... right? Nintendo is also releasing a Mario Party minigame collection for 3DS that includes the best of the series' library. For the switch there will be updates coming to Splatoon 2, Flip Wars and Snipper Clips. They also announced that the Switch version of Skyrim will be releasing in November 2017.


A lot of the switch news we already knew like the Zelda Amiibo compatibility with Skyrim and the special Nintendo assets for Rocket League on Switch. One of the biggest surprises, however was the upcoming release of some arcade classics, starting with Mario Bros and Vs. Balloon Fight. There was also a trailer for the Switch first release of Morphies Law which is a first-person-shooter where your weapons allow you to manipulate the size of your allies and opponents... mhmm... body parts, to your advantage. Of course the BIGGEST Switch news today was the upcoming release of DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 on the hybrid console. Nintendo said from the start that we would be seeing a lot more AAA game support for this system than with Wii U but their launch library didn't give us much confidence. Could this be the start of Nintendo Switch's AAA library expansion? Hopefully! Take a look at the stream as well as all the trailers below. Do you own a 3DS or a Switch? What are you most excited for?