Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Recap


The episode opens with Jamie and the Lannisters fresh off their victory at High Garden. They are transporting their gold to make it back to pay off the Iron Bank. We got our first reminder of the season of how great Bronn is, while Jamie kind of puts him in his place as a hired thug. I don't think Bronn gets the credit he deserves. For the Lannister's being "bad guys" they definitely have two of my favorite characters left standing. 

Cersei meets with the Iron Bank in what at first seems like a filler scene, but at the very end of the of the conversation the representative of the Iron Bank says The Lannisters have their support.... once the gold arrives. This is a nice bit of foreshadowing for later in the episode. 

In an incredibly awkward conversation filled with Littlefinger callbacks, Littlefinger gives Bran the dagger that was used in his attempted murder in season one. This, frankly is a weird gesture even by Game of Thrones standards. Add in robot Bran, you've got a weird disconnected conversation. Bran literally knows everything, so Littlefinger can not manipulate him. 

We finally get to see Arya return home! In true Arya fashion, she trolls a couple crappy guards. I felt like the meeting was a little colder than I expected between Arya and Sansa, but considering what they've been through, this isn't a big surprise. I also wonder if the two super best real life friends had to tone down their own excitement. 

Bran is a dumb riddle speaking shell of himself. Even if he is no longer Bran, and is the Three-Eyed-Raven, he seems like he should care a little more about the world ending. The last Three-Eyed-Raven seem to at least try to help Bran make it to his tree. Bran gave Arya the dagger the Littlefinger gave him. A Valyrian steel blade, this gives Arya two weapons to help fight the white walkers.

I thought the swooning over Jon Snow from Missandei and Daenerys was a bit out of character and threw me off, but quickly forgot about that with the awesome scene to follow. Jon found the cave of dragonglass and wanted to show Daenerys the convenient cave drawings supporting his cause (still think he had some chalk in his pocket). It was a powerful scene between two powerhouse characters. I was a little disappointed in the continued "bend the knee" talk. Dany should probably accept him as a clear ally without a bended knee, OR Jon should just go ahead and bend the knee. Either way, they are both each other's best hope. 

Daenerys learns of the Lannister's victory and the plight of her unsullied. Concerned and desperate, she blames Tyrion for his plan of patience. This is concerning as her base line is to go back to burning things. She turns to Jon for advice and he does not disappoint. For someone who doesn't want to be King, he makes the perfect King. Jon advises what Tyrion has from the start, don't become her families and burn everyone. People will not follow her if they believe she is a monster the way her father was. Bravo Jon, bravo. 

In the best scene of the episode (yes, better than the closing for me) we see Arya's skills on full display with that sweet flippy knife trick. The Stark contrast (see what I did there...) between Arya and Brienne is incredible. Brienne, one of the best fighters in this show, is fought to a standstill vs a young woman on third of her size. This was quite a show for those around her, namely Littlefinger whom she gave a nice long staredown to. 

Davos and Jon share a similar weird high school drama swooning over Daenerys in what I am guessing is a reference to the earlier scene. Somebody REALLY needs to let them know they are related. Missandei believes in Dany even to the point that she would be able to return home if she pleases. I, like Jon, am a bit leary of that. I don't think she would be so supportive.

Ok, so as awkward encounters go, Jon and Theon was up there. The first time Jon has seen Theon since he betrayed their family. The two were close due to Jon being a bastard and Theon being a Greyjoy. I don't know why, but I have a bit of a soft spot for Theon and I'm still rooting for his full redemption. 

Hey! Didn't I say something about foreshadowing earlier in the episode? Well, the Lannisters are moving their freshly stolen gold, with a large but not THAT large of a military force. Jamie and Bronn have enough time to laugh at Dickon for his name before hearing/feeling a thunderous sound. Over the hill, for the first time in history, a Dothraki force is in Westeros! In one of the best battles (if you can call it that) in show history. The sheer brilliance of Drogon and Dothraki in full force was extremely impressive. Bronn uses that Ballista we saw developed earlier in the season and puts a big dragon arrow in Drogon's shoulder but he seemed to fly alright after. Jamie is an idiot thinking he can charge an enormous dragon to sneak attack Dany. The scene was huge and tense.  If not for Bronn, we'd be out our favorite one armed Lannister. However, Bronn's rescue attempt landed Jamie in the water in his full armor as he sank to the bottom. Will he survive?

With only 3 episodes left, we're sad for this shortened season. Thus far, the season has been flying by with little time to catch our collective breath. Buckle in as the stakes will likely ramp up from here.