Disney Tells Netflix to Let It Go and Announces Their Own Streaming Platform


A few months ago Disney decided to make Netflix users the happiest people on Earth by signing an exclusive deal with the platform. This brought Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Disney content to millions of users. I just rewatched Rogue One for the third time since it was released on Netflix recently and it brought me great, nerd joy. Today, however, like a jealous lion with Regicide in it's eyes, Disney announced they'd be cutting ties with Netflix to create its own streaming platform! CNBC reported that Disney announced this in its latest earnings report and that they plan to have their service up and running by 2019 (Just in time for Frozen 2 and the live action Lion King.) Get all the details here. No news yet on the cost for a Disney subscription but hopefully it'll bring enough joy to last 'till infinity and beyond!