"Vain" - The Immersive, 360 Series About Vampires in LA


VR, while becoming more available week after week, is still a relatively new and untapped medium. Gaming companies and film studios have been looking for ways to integrate this new technology into fun, immersive, and creative experiences. While games and movies seem the more obvious approach, one group out of LA has decided to apply the concept to a series. This project is called Vain and it looks awesome. While I unfortunately do not own a VR headset, nor do I live in an area near one of the many screenings Vain has been shown at, my impressions of the projects are limited to short videos and instagram posts from the cast and crew. The Vain website has a short description as to what exactly you can expect:

VAIN: THIS PARTY SUCKS is a 360 short film – and a preview of a world to come. In this first experience, a warehouse rave makes a colorful snack for a coven of hungry vampires. The villains of the short are the stars of our series. In the VAIN series, this coven of debaucherous Los Angeles vampires has been ravaging the city – and each other – for nearly a century. When an older, more powerful force gate-crashes their endless party, this clique of mega-villains must finally work together or lose all the luxuries they’ve murdered for. VAIN is a bitey, humorous blend of MISFITS, DEXTER and THE LOST BOYS, uniquely designed for hybrid digital & VR.

To give you a better idea as to what Vain is all about, take a look at the trailer below as well as some of the vibrant and intriguing promo shots from the Vain website. I've also posted the cast and crew listing which can also be found with full bios also on the Vain page. One thing is for certain, this cast and crew seem inspired and very creative with this project. Maggie Levin, Ian McQuown, Sita Young, Jayce Basques, Tybee Diskin, Verona Blue, Alita Lashae, Sideara St. Clair, Alex Koby and all the others look like they have truly created something unique and wonderful and I can't wait to see it.