Stephen Colbert's "Midnight Confessions" Book Will Be Available September 5th


Stephen Colbert has made a very successful transition from The Colbert Report to the Late Show since Letterman retired in 2014. He still has the same spice but a completely open format and a nice little Late Night slot on the schedule. A few of the things Stephen incorporated into his new on screen repertoire are improv and short, comedic sketches. One of his regular bits is called Midnight Confessions. Once a week Stephen steps into the confessional, informs the audience that he doesn't know if these are technically sins but he does feel bad about them, and then spills the beans. Recently he announced on his show that his confessions would now be available in book format on September 5th however it is available for pre-order now. Here are all the details from the CBS site:

Forgive him, Father, for Stephen Colbert has sinned. It has been five years since his last book.

As penance for what he has done, Stephen is sharing his sins with the world in Midnight Confessions, which is available for pre-order now. The book is based on his popular segment from The Late Show.

What, exactly, did Stephen do? Here's a taste:

- If I'm really honest with myself, I'm never quite ready for some football.
- Sometimes when I'm out to dinner with my wife, I'll propose so we get free dessert.
- I've never joined the mile-high club, but I am in the Greyhound bus terminal utility closet guild.
- When someone sends me a save-the-date card, I don't even save the card.
- Sometimes when I go to a garage sale, I sneak in some of my own junk and run.