Celebrating Rick and Morty Season 3 by Re-Visiting "Pocket Mortys"


Rick and Mortys is back for season 3 so we're celebrating by re-visiting one of the best Adult Swim promotions ever, Pocket Mortys. Released in January of 2016 on IOS and Android, Pocket Mortys is essentially a clone of Pokemon Yellow with a Rick and Morty skin. You play as Rick (Ash) who uses Morty (Pikachu) to do battle against other Morty Trainers (other Ricks,) as you travel around and collect, evolve, and train all the different Morty's across different dimensions. The game starts off with Rick and Morty hanging out in their garage when a portal opens and a character named Mysterious Rick shows up and wants to take your "Legendary Morty." After you defeat him by making your Morty battle his, you follow him through the portal. Soon after you meet the Council of Ricks. They take your Rick's portal gun and tell you to come back and battle for it once you've earned enough badges. This is a direct nod to the quest to defeat the Elite 4 in the original Pokemon Games and I love it. The game plays almost exactly like a Pokemon game with different Morty types, trainers, gym badges, even Surgeon Rick (Nurse Joy.) While the world isn't as vast as a full Pokemon game, it's still a lot of fun taking advantage of Morty's frailties and pitting him against himself to collect more of him so he can hurt himself in new ways. So if you missed this gem when it was released, it's definitely worth diving back into as you wait for new episodes to roll out. The game will also be getting regular updates as the show progresses so keep checking back for new avatars, Morty's and who knows what else!?

Find the game in the App Store and the Google Play Store