Square Enix and The Jed Foundation Are Raising Awareness For Suicide Prevention With "Your Friend, Me" Campaign


Square Enix wowed everyone with their release of Life is Strange back in 2015. This game tackled the complex issues of relationships, responsibility, violence, bullying, peer pressure and sexuality that plague the lives of teenagers and adults alike. Players take on the role of Max, a young girl who discovers she has the ability to rewind time, making her aware of the butterfly effect that her choices have on the world around her. Max witnesses a fellow student murder her childhood friend Chloe. The intensity of this event unlocks these abilities within her and she's able to rewind and save her. Realizing the potential of of these powers and their rekindled friendship, the two set out to help others in need and alter the outcome of events that would  otherwise destroy the lives of friends and family and strangers. One of the main themes of the story is the power of communication and support from friends and the people around you. Life can indeed be strange and difficult and the stresses can cause people to resort to life changing extremes when looking for ways to deal with these problems. About 44,000 people are taken each year by suicide according to the AFSP. There are many organizations out there who's mission it is to help these people, one of which is the Jed Foundation. Square Enix and the Jed Foundation are partnering to raise funds and awareness to help the cause of suicide prevention. Through the "Your Friend, Me" campaign, they're trying to get people to express their stories and positive experiences of friendship. Here's how it works: 

“Your Friend, Me” works by getting fans to post short video messages that tell the story of how a good friend “has meaningfully impacted their life.” You are to finish the video by the closing address of a letter, “your friend,” and then your name. Be sure to include the hashtags LifeisStrange and YourFriendMe. For each video posted, Square Enix will be donating $5 (for up to a total of $25,000) to The Jed Foundation. If you happen to be at the GameStop 2017 Expo in Las Vegas, Square Enix has a few video stations set up specifically for you to tell your story. All videos will eventually be compiled and posted on the “Your Friend, Me” website. It is not officially live yet, however, so check back when the event is in full swing. - Gamasutra

Together we can help make positive changes in the lives of those who are in need. So make a video and make a change in the world with Square Enix and the Jed Foundation. Also be sure to check out Life is Strange as well as the upcoming sequel, "Life Is Strange: Before The Storm."