Tropical Storm Harvey - How You Can Help


While we usually like to indulge in all things nerdy, sometimes we need to put our controllers down and take notice of real disasters and the real people effected by them. Tropical Storm Harvey (or Hurricane Harvey) recently pushed it's way over Houston, Texas and the surrounding towns and cities. An intense rainstorm (which has dumped over twenty inches of rain in some areas,) mixed with the hot water from the gulf created the perfect environment for one of the worst storms in years. While the devastation might not feel real to those of us outside the area, the aftermath of an event like this will effect millions. There will be many injured or displaced people who will need any help they can to restart their lives.


What can you do? Donations to the Red Cross and your local Blood Bank can make a huge difference. You can even change your Facebook status so that it creates a donation link for the charity of your choice. However there are many organizations and charities that will be lending a hand after the storm has cleared. Here are just a few ways you can help: 

Feeding Texas - Feeding Texas is proud to serve alongside state and federal relief efforts when disasters strike Texas. Below is a primer on our response to Hurricane Harvey, as well as important information for donors and impacted communities.

Austin Disaster Relief - Help Austin Disaster Relief Network meet the immediate emergency needs of survivors and help fund the long-term repairs/rebuilds of their homes by making a donation or become a fundraiser.

Texas Diaper Bank - To address the diaper gap and its impact on individuals in crisis.

Click here to see CNN's list of IRS-verified nonprofits who are helping during this disaster.