Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale - Recap


Welp, we've reached the end of season 7 of Game of Thrones. It has been a wild and frantic shortened season. I have to say I somewhat miss the "slow" episodes. I miss having a week in which I'm not watching with an oxygen tank and just being able to hang with my fave characters without digging my nails into my couch. We have one more season to go and it'll be another short season. Let's hop into the final recap of the season and we'll see you in two years! 

We start off by seeing the Unsullied stationed outside the walls of Kings Landing, joined shortly by the Dothraki calvary in a show of force. Jamie and the Lannister army are preparing for a battle just in case the meeting between Queens goes awry. Bronn joins Jamie on the battlements and gives some of the best Bronn lines of the whole series. Bronn has always been a character who "gets it". He understands people and their motivation as well as how to survive. 


Tyrion travels to Kings Landing by ship with Euron's fleet intimidating the single ship. This fleet is the single most scary thing in the show for me... Euron is a mad man who backs up his arrogance. The difference between Tyrion and Jon is clear as they discuss why anybody would want to live in a city with a million people. The Hound travels back to Kings Landing instead of staying with the Brotherhood at the Wall.

The epic meeting will take place in the Dragon Pit. which is where the Targaryen family locked up their dragons when they were still in power. Prior to the meeting, Cersei tells The Mountain if anything goes wrong to kill Dany, Tyrion and Jon first. Then everybody else. The Zombie Mountain is terrifying, but I believe Cersei overestimates his abilities or underestimates her enemies. 

We have some of the best reunions in seven seasons of this wonderful show. Pod reunited with Tyrion, Tyrion reunited with Bronn, Brienne reunited with the Hound. As this show is all about people, these relationships are so important and these reunions are huge payoffs for fans like myself. Tyrion and Bronn's reunion was particularly interesting as Tyrion wants to recruit his old friend to their side. Bronn believes he is looking after himself by staying on the side of the crown. 

Jon and Dany's group arrives to their seats in the pit first. Surrounded by Lannister guards and no Cersei, the scene was definitely tense. Cersei makes her entrance accompanied by Jamie and The Mountain. Sandor recognizes his brother (I feel like nobody else has yet? Maybe it's not a secret anymore?). Cersei has The Mountain under control as Sandor approaches him. We didn't get the Clegane Bowl yet, but it's definitely coming. 

As I was watching this scene I couldn't help but think about which of these crews would win in a fight. Team Dany: Jon Snow, The Hound, Brienne, Jorah, and a few Dothraki's vs. Jamie, The Mountain, Euron, Bronn and more Lannister guards. As this was playing out in my head, Dany arrived with her dragons to drop her off. Which answered my question pretty quickly. 

For all the "Game of Thrones is negative towards women" people, just look at what we're having here. A meeting of two queens with Brienne acting on behalf of Sansa and Missandei as one of Dany's top advisors. These are strong and powerful women and it is awesome to see. We will see some more awesome and badass women later in the episode to further drive this point home. 

Euron goes after Theon right away as this is their first reunion since Theon fled their fight. Euron threatens to kill Yara if Theon doesn't give himself up. Cersei isn't too pleased with this arrogant show. She may be ruthless but she still acts with a certain amount of class. 

Tyrion and Jon make an appeal to Cersei and her crew to see the bigger picture. They ask for a temporary truce in order to combat the threat from the north. Cersei doesn't believe in the army of the dead until The Hound brings the crate with the captured Wight to show the crew. It charges directly at Cersei before The Hound pulls it back and cuts it in half. Of course, because it's a wight, it continues to try to kill everyone. Cersei and her group are clearly shook up. Jon displays they can only be killed with fire and dragon glass. Euron asks if they can swim and when he finds out they can't, he tells everyone he's going to lock himself on his islands until the winter is over. 

Cersei accepts their truce on one condition, The King in the North must not take sides in the coming fight. He must hold up in Winterfell and not aide Dany and her armies. Jon, being the honorable mofo that he is, declines this as he has already pledged himself to follow Dany. This pisses Cersei off and she leaves without making a truce. The rest of Dany's crew are pissed with Jon, but he cannot make a promise he cannot keep. He believes in a world where everyone lies, someone should be honest. I haven't really gotten behind Jon as this fan favorite until the end of last season and this season he's finally showing his worth. 

Despite one sitting on the Iron Throne, The Lannisters are crumbling. Jamie seems as helpless as ever as Brienne tries to get him to talk to Cersei. Tyrion feels like his whole plan has fallen apart and they are back to square one. And Cersei becoming the Mad Queen and is ignoring a threat to all of Westeros. Tyrion makes a bold move to go speak to Cersei alone to try to talk some sense into her. He runs into Jamie before going in to speak with Cersei. They both share why each other are idiots in a pretty important moment.


It's immediately clear that Cersei truly hates Tyrion and blames him for the Lannister house being in shambles... one could make an argument that her crazy pills have done that. Joffrey was a sadist, and Cersei blowing up Tommen's wife is what led him to kill himself. It's Cersei's fault. Tyrion calls Cersei's bluff when she threatens to kill him, he is a Lannister after all. Tyrion believes Dany will make the world a better place, but Cersei doesn't care. All she cares about is her family (although she doesn't say it, that includes Tyrion). She wants to have her baby and just leave, like Euron. Tyrion can see right through his sister and calls out her pregnancy.

Dany remembers the history of her family and the dragon pit being their downfall. They hid away the one thing that separated them from other houses. You can see the sexual tension growing with each passing scene between Jon and Dany and now they are talking about babies. Dany shares that she can't have any but Jon makes a pretty obvious point... maybe the witch doctor that killed Khal Drogo isn't the most reliable source for this information. Of course, for us fans, there is the theory that now that Viserion is a Zombie Dragon, she'll have a child slot available for Jon's baby. 

Tyrion returns, alive. He is followed by Cersei and some super ominous music. She announces that she will not only accept their truce, but pledge her armies to fight along side them in The Great War. Everyone seems overjoyed and relieved, but I don't even need allude to that being a load of hogwash. This is Cersei we're talking about.

Littlefinger is using his Littlefinger-y words to manipulate Sansa against Arya. He says he assumes the worst intentions in people and asks himself if it explains someone's actions. He is convincing Sansa that Arya wants to be the Lady of Winterfell. Sansa appears to be falling for his manipulations as she has all season. Littlefinger wants her to take over rule of Winterfell from Jon as she gets word that he's bent the knee for Dany. 

As they make their plan to return to the North, Jon continues to be a true leader and King. As the Dothraki will ride north (which would be terrifying for anyone on the road). The Unsullied will sail North. Jorah suggest that Dany fly North as there could be people that want her dead. I doubt the dragons will be far from her so seems like she'll be alright. Jon suggests she should be visible to the people of the North so they know she will be an ally. She decides to sail with Jon and the Unsullied for this very reason.

Now everyone LOVES to hate on Theon, but I am going to defend him for a minute. He has continuously screwed everything up and made terrible choices, but to this point has always redeemed himself. I believe he will do so again. Theon speaks with Jon about screwing everything up. Jon forgives him for "what he can" and encourages Theon to do what he needs to do and save Yara. When Theon goes to lead his Greyjoy companions, naturally they don't respect him anymore. Their new "leader" fights Theon, almost killing him, but he makes the mistake of going below the belt. Theon smirks, and proceeds to beat this jerk. The rest of the men respect his resilience and follow Theon. I don't know about you, but when Theon shows up on Eurons badass ship to save the day, I am going to cheer REAL HARD.

Sansa calls for the guard to bring Arya into the great hall at Winterfell to accuse her of crimes. The tension is REAL in this scene, but they drop a little twist on us. Instead of accusing Arya, Sansa brings charges of murder and treason against Littlefinger! She has learned from two of the most diabolical and treacherous people in this world. It's finally come back around on Littlefinger. He begs and cries for his life, but in the end, Arya acts as executioner and kills him with the knife he gave to Bran. The Stark kids are united! 


We get classic Cersei, doubling back on her pledge to help fight along side Dany and Jon vs the army of the dead. Telling Jamie they will stay home and prepare for the fight vs the whoever wins the war in the North. Jamie is horrified that she would do this dishonorable double cross... I mean, come on Jamie, I know you love her and all but at what point did you think she'd be a good person. At this point, she reveals Euron is sailing to pick up the Golden Company, purchases with the gold stolen from High Garden. Jamie decides he is going to leave, but Cersei gives an order to the Mountain to kill him if he does. Of course, as Tyrion called her bluff earlier in the episode, Jamie does the same. As he ditches his Lannister armor and rides to join those traveling to the North, we see the first snow fall on Kings Landing. 


In the moment all of us ravenous fan theory follows have been waiting for, Sam returns to Winterfell and speaks with Bran. Bran knows all, but still thinks Jon is a bastard of Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark. Sam knows from the scrolls, they were in fact married in a secret ceremony. Bran is able to go back and see this. This scene is ironically cut with Jon going to see Dany to get it on. Tyrion seems none-too-pleased with this turn of events. Jon is actually the heir to the throne, but it looks like he and Dany will be ruling together and their little incest baby will be next in line! It's the war of the incest babies! 


Has anyone penned the name SansArya for Sansa and Arya? If not I am officially claiming it. They are back together, united as Starks holding Winterfell. Standing in the same place Sansa and Jon stood at the end of last season it really shows that the Starks belong in the Winter. This is their time to shine and they will do just that. 

Because of course, to end on sisters bonding would be FAR too happy and upbeat of an ending. We get to see one last vision from Bran.. As his crows fly over East Watch we get to see Tormund and Ser Beric watching beyond The Wall. When the White Walkers and the army of the dead are approaching. They don't seem too concerned until we get to see the Night King riding zombie Viserion. The Zombie dragon proceeds to destroy with farthest point of The Wall and East Watch, making The Hound's vision come true. We don't know if Beric or Tormund survived, but here's to hoping.


Well, this season has been a roller coaster... but one that doesn't stop and there are really just ups, and no downs. It certainly can be considered one of the best seasons to date, but mostly because there were no episodes that lacked importance. The final season is going to be a whole bunch of fighting so I hope they have saved up their budget. We'll see you in two years!