Sign up for the Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta to Get Early Access


Dragon Ball fighting games have been around for years now and I was a huge fan of Budokai on my PS2. None of the newer titles really interested me however and they always appeared to be more of the same. That was until I saw the trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ! Visually, this new title is a game changer. The designers have worked so hard to achieve a flawless 2D animation look on a 3D platform and It looks phenomenal! Recently they announced the signups for the early access closed Beta. I'm for sure signing up so I can see first hand if the gameplay is as fluid as the animation. There was also a new trailer released at Games Com this week that revealed several new fighters and a peak at the story mode. Still no solid release date (sometime in early 2018) but the Beta will be accessible on PS4 and XBOX One on September 16-17. PS4 players can sign up here while Xbox One fans can sign up through the insider program here. You can also Pre-order a physical copy of the game to get two early unlockable characters (the recently revealed Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta.) You will also get two exclusive lobby avatars. The ultra dedicated fans can pick up the collector's edition. See the image below for all the goodies. It's only $140 but IT'S A GOKU STATUE SO IT'S OBVIOUSLY WORTH IT!