Meet The Team Who Captured The ISS Transit During The 2017 Solar Eclipse


You might know Destin Sandlin from his youtube channel, Smarter Every Day. If not, click here to check out some of his videos. You should also subscribe to his channel too since I know you'll end up liking his content as much as I do. Destin does an amazing job putting together videos that address interesting, scientific anomalies that happen around us daily. Have you ever taken a photo on your phone and wondered why the image seemed stretched out? Have you ever seen a gun fire under water? Do cats actually land on their feet? These are just a handful of the many topics he has covered on his channel. Over the past few weeks, Destin has been trying to help people prepare for the 2017 Solar eclipse by educating them on eye safety, how the area of totality works, and other phenomena too look out for during this amazing astronomical experience. While he was busy on the surface helping others prepare, Destin had planned something truly special for his family and friends behind the scenes. Thanks to the help of his friends Trevor, Matt, Dr. Gordon Telepun (and permission from Mr. & Mrs. Fleming to use their land out in Crow Heart, Wyoming,) Destin coordinated an amazing Eclipse viewing experience and shared a video of their day. He doesn't talk too much about the technical aspects of their viewing set up (Cameras, settings, etc,) but he does share an amazing event that they actually captured on camera. Prior to the eclipse they were able to calculate the exact time, and location that the International Space Station would be passing across the face of the sun. They were able to record video of this possibly once in a lifetime event. I'm looking forward to his break down and analysis of the precise calculations and some of the coincidences that made this possible. If you're a space or science nerd like me, you'll definitely appreciate this video as well as the rest of the Smarter Every Day library. Go check it out! Also be sure to visit Trevor's photography page to see some of the amazing images he captured.