Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime is An Amazing CoOp Experience


Couch co-op games seemed to be dying out for a while as online multiplayer moved in as the new norm. Gone were the days of 4 friends enjoying a day of trash talk and competition on a single console in the same room. AAA titles had moved their focus to graphic fidelity, large map sizes and maintaining online servers but they left a void in the couch co-op genre. Then came the rise of the indie developers. One studio in particular, Asteroid Base, saw an opportunity and seized it. They created Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime and secured their place in indie developer history. While yes, this review might seem a little late since this game was released in 2015, but I didn't have a website then and I still find people who have never heard of this game before so shut up.


Lovers takes place in a beautiful, colorful world full of love, space ships, and adorable creatures. When this peaceful setting is threatened by an evil force, brave and cuddly heros must set out to bring love back to the galaxy once again. The basics of the game are simple enough. Up to four people control different stations in a spherical spaceship. There is a drivers seat, four turrets, a movable shield panel, a map, and the Yamato cannon. All of these stations can be upgraded or altered by using various combinations of gems. You can also unlock new ships as you progress each with a unique ability. You navigate around asteroid fields, micro planets, and waves of enemies looking for a specific number of lost creatures in order to unlock the portal heart to the next level. Each area is broken up into different levels which increase in difficulty as you progress. Each new area presents new enemies and environmental challenges and they're all topped off with really fun boss fights. The game relies heavily on team work and it's infinitely replayable, randomly generated levels offer hours of entertainment. This is one of my all time favorite multiplayers and I'd highly recommend adding it to your collection.