Game of Thrones S7 Episode 6

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After the extremely fast pace, I think the showrunners decided we needed a short break so they gave us a nice 5 MINUTES TO CATCH OUR BREATH BEFORE ANOTHER FAST AND FULL EPISODE! Lets swoop in like Drogon chasing a goat in this week's recap. 


We check in with the Suicide Skwad of Westeros and their long trek beyond The Wall. We get a lovely stretch of banter as the group quickly and easily scales a whole mountain. Tormund appears to basically be an internet troll with is comments, while also providing some of the best advice I've heard to Jon. BEND THE KNEE. His comments of Mance Rayder's pride getting him killed seemed to hit a sweet spot for Jon. 

On this week's episode of Honor Bro's (the show within a show about Jon and Jorah) Jon decides to be super honorable and return Jorah's family sword to him. Then Jorah decides to totally one-up him and be even MORE honorable in letting him keep Longclaw. Could these two be any more adorable?? 


Arya vs. Sansa continues to be going strong as Arya confronts Sansa about the scroll she found/was manipulated into finding. She calls out Sansa for being scared of what the Northern lords will think of it and questions their loyalty in the face of that kind of deceit. I think personally Arya is being a single-minded little brat who, despite her badassery, does not understand the game of thrones (he said the name of the show!). Littlefinger is clearly running circles around the Stark children with his schemes. 

We jump over to more walking and talking from the magnificent seven. Playful banter between the Hound and Tormund is peak Game of Thrones. Hound hates gingers, Tormund loves a tall blonde (who will be his, oh yes, she will be his), The Hound hates the tall blonde. The whole banter was perfect between a couple wonderful characters. Jon chats with Ser Beric about the Lord of Light and why he follows and believes. Ser Beric shares his thoughts as to why they are beyond the wall. Their goal is to be a shield for others and offer them protection. 


Dany shares some thoughts with Tyrion as to why she likes that he is not a hero. Lists off all the heroes that have fought for/with her. Heroes do stupid things to get themselves killed. Tyrion points out that all of them seem to be falling in love with Dany, including her nephew. Tyrion wants to ensure that Dany "breaks the wheel" as she has said in the past by trying to chat with her about what will happen when/if she dies. She refuses until she wears the crown. Tyrion basically drools out wisdom as usual. 

In some Golden Compass action the group beyond The Wall fights a ZOMBIE POLAR BEAR! I mean come on, how friggin sweet is that?! Thoros of Myr gets the worst of this battle, but not after he and Ser Beric FIGHT WITH FLAMING SWORDS! Seriously, how awesome is this show? 

Littlefinger continues to scheme and influence Sansa because that's literally all he does when he's not giving creepy eyes. He believes Arya won't betray her family after everything that has happened, but also suggests Brienne be there to protect Sansa from Arya just in case. That fight from episode 4 better not happen for real. 


The crew beyond The Wall comes across a white walker leading a scouting party of wights. They attack and make quick work of the group when Jon kills the white walker leading them and all but one collapse. They determine that if you kill the White Walker that turned the others, any drone created by that leader will die instantly. The group manages to capture the lone surviving wight, but not before the Hound gets his hand bit. Let's hope this isn't like a traditional zombie bite! The captured wight screams, calling the rest of the army of the dead. They chase the crew to a rock encompassed by thin ice. They become surrounded but the wight's don't cross into the freezing water. Considering they are frozen zombies, a little icy swim seems like something they'd probably be ok with. Jon sends Gendry back to Eastwatch to send a raven to Dany for aid. 

Gendry makes it to The Wall, collapsing at the gate and alerting Davos to the dire situation. Thoros of Myr died in the night from his bear fight wounds and probably the extreme cold. The situation seems desperate when Ser Beric is suggesting they attack the Night King head on to end the whole threat. I realize this is a suicide mission, but come on! 

Sansa is summoned to King's Landing, but of course, screw that nonsense. She decides to send Brienne to act on her behalf. A smart move, if it weren't for Littlefinger skulking around and doing Littlefinger things. Brienne doesn't trust him and wants to leave Pod to stay and keep an eye on her. Personally, I think Arya will end up killing Littlefinger to protect Sansa. That dagger has to come around eventually as they keep showing it! 


The Hound in typical Hound fashion decides to taunt the army of the dead by throwing stones. As the old saying goes "don't throw stones when surrounded by a "frozen" lake keeping an army of undead wights from slaughtering you and your party." Ok, I don't think that's how it goes, but it SHOULD! The Hound's second rock lands on the ice in front of a wight, and they become emboldened when the ice doesn't crack. The white walkers take this as their que and start to cross the frozen lake. The group attempts to pull the captured wight back onto the rock while also fighting off the hordes of it's fellow undead brethren. Then they go full Walking Dead as Tormund is overcome and covered in dead dudes before thankfully being saved by The Hound at the last minute (phew!). 

Dany, despite Tyrions requests not to act, swoops in with all 3 of her dragons to save the day. Boy, is it extremely effective... until the jerk Night King throws an ice spear and kills Viserion. He collapses and sinks under the ice, as does Jon Snow. Dany saves the rest of the group and gets them to safety back at Eastwatch. Jon emerges from the icy water (big shocker there) only to be faced with the threat of the whole dead army. But he's got an ally beyond The Wall, his uncle Benjin who is one of the most criminally underutilized characters in the show. Benjin saves Jon and sacrifices himself in one of the most laughable "There's no time for me to explain, just go" moments of all time. 

At this point, Dany believes that Jon has also died in addition to her child dragon. Jora tries to comfort her atop The Wall when suddenly the horn blows and Jon rides out of the forest, barely alive. He is frozen and all sorts of cut up. 


Sansa tries to be sneaky and search Arya's room for the scroll, but Arya catches her because she is super creepy and sneaky at this point. Sansa finds a bag full of faces under Arya's bed (great hiding place). I cannot even image how unsettling this would be without knowing about the many faced god. Arya continues to be a little brat and essentially threatens to remove Sansa's face. 

Jon sails back to Dragonstone with Dany. He wakes up on her ship with Dany by his side. He takes Tormund's advice and refers to Dany as "My Queen"... which has a couple meanings. Like he's going to bend the knee and support her AND maybe he'll just be "Her King" oOoOoOhH! They better not count their cards yet. The Night King has a new pet of his own...the wights pull Viserion out of the frozen lake with the biggest chains in existence and turn him into an ICE DRAGON! YESSSSS!!!!


1 episode left and it looks to be a doozy! Armies lined up, kings and queens meeting for the first time, I can not even right now!