Netflix Trailer Hype: Hot Stuff Coming Through


Netflix has been handing out cash like candy to children on Halloween. Over the last few days, you might have noticed there have been a number of trailers released for some brand new Netflix Originals. What's interesting about many of these originals is they aren't all actually produced by Netflix. Instead, the streaming giant purchases the rights to shows and in turn is able to stream them on their platform for a contracted period of time. With the debts mounting in the billions, there's no telling when they'll slow down, but at least we have some great things to look forward to on the way! So what shows and movies are at the top of our list?

Narcos: Season 3

The latest season of Narcos looks fairly promising. If you've binged the last two seasons you may have been left wondering where they might go next with the show, but this season seems to focus on agent Pena who is back in the saddle with sites towards taking down the next Columbian drug lord. 

First They Killed My Father

The new film, First the Killed My Father, is directed by Angelina Jolie and focuses on the harrowing life of a Cambodian child soldier, looking to have a similar vibe to the critically acclaimed Beasts of No Nation. The story is based on an autobiographical book written by author Loung Ung who shared her personal experiences during Cambodia's tragic past between 1975 - 1979; referred to as the Khmer Rouge Years or the Cambodian Holocaust. This looks to be pretty heavy and might not be for everyone but just goes to show that everything is on the table for Netflix.

American Vandal

Keeping it light (though you may not immediately realize it) and totally out of the blue is a trailer for a new docudrama show, American Vandal. The satirical 8 episode series will focus on a high school investigation centered on a vandalized parking lot with spray painted dicks. Yes, dick drawings. Though the premise sounds ridiculous, the trailer might have you questioning whether this actually happened or not. With a narrative that never seems to break face, this could either be comedic gold or... just a show full of dick jokes.


Mindhunters is not a spin-off of the 2004 thriller that starred LL Cool J and Val Kilmer. No no no, this is a new series following an FBI agent who will be tracking down serial killers. This looks to be a promising mix of True Detective S1 and Seven but seems to have a noir vibe of its own. What else seems pretty great about this one? David Fincher is one of the three directors behind the project and you can see his meddlings all over this trailer. Get ready for another binge watch.

The rest of the recent release announcements include 4 new animes that look pretty decent (including an animated adaption of the Devilman manga series) and Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo, which.. I... don't have much to say about. Check out the rest of the trailers below! 

Kurtis Ostrom