Call Of Duty WWII Beta - What You Need To Know

Call of Duty's newest WWII title will be out November third. However like most games these days, it needs to be tested before it can be released. That way the studio can show you just how broken your pre-order will/won't be on release date. The COD Beta will be split into two segments. The PS4 pre-order early access will be from August 25th-28th and the Xbox owners can join the PS4 peeps from September 1st-4th. I'm a huge fan of the classic military aesthetic when it comes to shooters so I can't wait to see what the COD team has done with their series, since they brought it back to Earth. I'm sure there will be plenty of stiff comparison to Battlefield 1, since it re-established the classic war genre for the new consoles, but it sounds like they have made a decent effort to make this a unique experience. Learn all the Beta details or register your code on the COD page here. Be sure to pre-order and join this Beta so you can show off with your exclusive gear!