Game of Thrones S7 Episode 5


I'm having a hard time catching my breath, but let's get right to it because there was a LOT to cover in last night's episode of Game of Thrones, so here's your weekly recap! 

The first bit of excitement was the inclusion of Eastwatch in the opening sequence. We've heard the name prior to this episode but considering they only show locations depicted in the show, we know we'll get to visit. 

The show continues to play with our hearts by having Bronn come out of the water dragging Jamie. Typical Game of Thrones... Bronn calls Jamie out for trying to go for suicide by giant dragon. Jamie has never seemed more vulnerable than in this scene to me. He is truly broken and does not believe they can stand up to what they just experienced. 

Tyrion is having a hard time with the destruction and though he's seen battle and death, the pure devastation of his former countrymen seems to get to him. Is Daenerys truly the great leader that he believes her to be? Is she just another bloodthirsty Targaryen? Tyrion seems conflicted. Daenerys then shows her mercy/ruthlessness (she's sometimes confusing that way) by offering the Lannister and Tarly survivors an opportunity to bend the knee or be burned by Drogon. Dickon *suppressed giggle* decides to go down in dragon flame with his father. If only Samwell wasn't a maester/Night's Watch. 

Jamie returns to Kings Landing to Cersei, beaten and depressed. He tells her they stand no chance against the Dothraki and three dragons. He's not wrong. Jamie shares what Olenna told her about killing Joffrey and although she doesn't want to believe it at first she comes around. 

Jon is brooding once again while Daenerys returns from her victory. Good news, Drogon can still fly despite his injury and is scary as ever. Drogon approaches Jon and in a shocking, but not too shocking moment, Jon removes his glove and pets Drogon. There is a clear Targaryen connection between this dragon and Jon. Daenerys notices this and is confused/intrigued. Jon still does not like the facts of war but as Dany said "Sometimes strength is terrible". 

Thankfully, before Jon and Dany can stare into each other's eyes, my boy Mormont makes his return. Dany finally remembered how much she loves him and gives him the embrace he's always wanted. Jorah is personally one of my favorite characters and one of the few purely honorable characters. He finally meets one of the only other equally honorable characters, Jon Snow, in the start of an honorable mashup. oOoOoHhH I'm getting a little giddy. 

We finally get to see Bran stop being a whiney loser and do something with his powers. Warg-ing (is that a verb?) a bunch a ravens he sent scouts to check on everyone's favorite army of undead nightmares. He then instructs the maester at Winterfell to send a raven to the maesters at the Citadel to warn the other leaders of the threat. I feel like maybe that should have been happening already? Samwell overhears the archmaester and the others at the Citadel discussing the message and interjects, urging them to use their influence to get the houses to send men to defend The Wall. The maesters shoot him down causing Sam to become quite frustrated. 

Tyrion is clearly struggling with Dany's decision to burn the Tarly's and Varys is definitely not helping. Varys recounts his time serving under the Mad King and hearing the screams of the traitors he snitched on. Varys, because he's awesome and gives the best advice, lets Tyrion know how important he is to ensuring Dany doesn't become her father. 

Tyrion wants to appeal to Cersei that the White Walker threat is the most pressing danger to everyone and put a pause to the fighting by capturing one. She would surely kill Tyrion on the spot, but Jamie wouldn't. They plan on Davos smuggling Tyrion into Kings Landing to speak to Jamie about this issue and offer the armistice (I love that word). Mormont wants to go help Jon on his mission to capture a White Walker, which again, Honor Bros (HBO's next spin off). Dany tries to get all high and mighty and not let Jon leave but Jon is truly a King and gives a swell speech to convince her. Harkening back to Tyrion's conversation with Varys, Dany looks to Tyrion for approval. It's all coming together. 

There is some very real tension between Arya and Sansa. The lords of the North want her to replace Jon and become Queen in the North. Sansa doesn't agree and shuts them down, but doesn't ream them for talking poorly of their King. This doesn't sit well with Arya and she would have them beheaded for questioning his rule. Sansa doesn't believe in this but Ned, ex-king of the north, kind of had a thing for beheading. The lack of trust is strong with Arya. 

I'm going to come out and say what everyone else should be thinking at this point, can we have the Onion King? Davos is a true hero and will be joining Jon and Jorah (man that has a nice ring to it) on Honor Bros. 

Davos successfully smuggles Tyrion to a beach by way of an oft-unguarded entrance to Kings Landing. This just seems like a terrible idea, but in Davos I trust. He shares with Tyrion that he also has some business in the city. Turns out, Tyrion used his ole' pal Bronn to draw Jamie to a secret meeting place and share the offer of an truce in light of the greater threat.  

In one of the worst kept Game of Thrones secrets, we FINALLY get to see the return of Gendry! The much taller, leaner, and more badass version. Davos may have put him on a boat to protect him before, but he certainly gave him great advice to hide in plain site. Davos tries to start a big speech about coming with him when Gendry shuts him down and grabs his bag. He's been ready to fight the good fight. HOLY HAMMER BATMAN! He may not be skilled with a sword, but he sure knows how to handle that warhammer of his. He saves the three of them from a couple Lannister guards who recognize Tyrion. 

Jamie walks in on Cersei and Qyburn being extra suspicious as usual. Cersei, being the weirdo that she is, already knew about Jamie's meeting with Tyrion and was ok with the plan. She's clearly scheming because duh, it's Cersei. She does want Jamie to punish Bronn for setting up the meeting with Tyrion. This will be a good test of where Jamie's head is at, forcing him to choose between his friend or his crazy sister. Cersei, like the manipulative psycho she is, reveals she is pregnant with Jamie's baby and wants to share that it is his with the Kingdom. She gives zero F's. 

Davos tells Gendry not to reveal his true identity when meeting Jon, which Gendry agrees to. But he's a badass and comes right out with it. Sharing the memories of their fathers is a "did we just become best friends" moment between two awesome characters. Can we just have an episode of them sharing drinks talking about their fathers? Please? The departing crew share their goodbyes to Dany and Tyrion. Tyrion sharing his respect for Jorah, Jorah and Dany giving looks, and Jon making jokes. 

The most important scene in the episode (maybe an exaggeration) is the scene that was interrupted. Sam is frustrated by the archmaester and snaps at Gilly as she's reading some overly detailed notes he is transferring to fresh parchment. She begins to spill the beans on Jon being Rheagar's son but Sam interrupts her, because dammit even Sam can't help but mansplain. Sam decides to put on his invisibility cloak and go the restricted section to steal some scrolls and head back the The Wall. He's tired of better men doing everything. Sam, I dream in color, I dream in red, I can't find a better man. (except maybe Davos?)

Arya is getting in over her head, by spying on THE spy. No, not Nick Fury, but Littlefinger. He plays the Game of Thrones as well as anybody and Arya is not well versed in this game. Arya is a one track mind young woman. This is a dangerous realm for her to enter and Littlefinger plays her like a fiddle. The scroll she finds is the one Sansa was forced to write under duress. Arya, however, does not know this and the lack of trust she has for Sansa has grown exponentially. I'm worried for her.

 Ok, I don't know about you guys, but this final scene got me even MORE pumped than Drogon the burninator last week. We have now established a group with Jon Snow, Tormund, The Hound, Gendry and his Hammer, Jorah Mormont, and the Brotherhood... brothers. This group of my most beloved characters is going on a suicide mission to capture a White Walker. I don't know if everyone watched the scenes from next week, but I'm feeling a sacrifice for the others kind of moment... (please be the Brotherhood guys). 

I mean Honor Bros can't lose a main character can it?! I don't know how it's possible to put this much info into an hour long episode. I need to go lie down. See you all next week!