Who are the Porg and the Caretakers in Star Wars?


Yesterday EW dropped some new Star Wars images and they were pretty much what you'd expect. A shot of Kylo, Rey and Luke, some of Fin, Poe, and... hold on... who's that fuzzy little thing with them big ol' eyes? 


That is a Porg which are little creatures that dwell on the island Luke has been hiding or stranded on. Apparently they were actually inspired by the puffins who live on the location where they were filming. They're so adorable and I'm sure they'll sell plenty of toys, I mean tickets, I mean... yay! Can't wait to see that little Porg paling around with our boy, Chewy.


Then we got a photo of these guys right here. These are called Caretakers and they... take care... of things. Apparently their civilization has inhabited the land, where Rey found Luke, for thousands of years. They kinda look like Sea Turtles dresses up as nuns. New life forms and races were someone absent or at least not too prominent in The Force Awakens so it'll be interesting to see how they integrate these little guys. Maybe the Last Jedi is actually a Porg? It might be too much cuteness to see one of those things in a battle though. Space Furby's away!!!