The Witcher Coloring Book You Never Knew You Wanted


The Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games of all time and I don't think that's a very original statement. Upon release this game shattered all expectations and won a ton of awards including several Game Of The Year titles. One of the most amazing aspects of the Wild Hunt is the graphics. Every setting is beautifully done and there have been several moments I've had to pause my adventuring to just sit and take in the sights. One thing that never crossed my mind however was the thought that I could somehow color in these assets better than the original artists and designers. Well, according to CD Projekt Red everyone should have a chance to color in an image of Geralt in the bath tub! Thanks to Dark Horse publishing, our collective dreams will soon come true on November 1st. Many websites have been selling this as an "Adult Coloring Book" or one that's "Not For Kids." After looking into it further I've found that this is mostly click bait and no, you will not be able to color in Geralt and Yennifer's get togethers on that unicorn. 

Here’s the full description from Dark Horse:

Journey along with Geralt, Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, Roach, Shani, and all of your favorite Witchercharacters in a variety of fantastic settings . . . all inspired by the hit video game franchise with The Witcher Adult Coloring Book. Featuring uniquely designed and highly detailed black-and-white illustrations inspired by the games; this compilation of exquisitely crafted images is a must-have for Witcher fans worldwide!

The Witcher Adult Coloring Book, which is illustrated by Marianna Strychowska, Yu-Chen Tang and Scott Wade, is set for release Nov. 1. It is currently available for pre-order with a list price of $14.99.