Fallout 4 is Getting a GOTY Release September 26th


As we approach the two year anniversary of the release of Fallout 4, (Say What?!) Bethesda has just announced the Game of the Year Edition which will be available towards the end of September. As with most GOTY editions It'll include all the DLC. This list of add one includes Far Harbor, Nuka World, Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions Workshop and Vault-tec Workshop. Many gamers were disappointed in the amount of workshop DLC over new quests and content but I enjoyed the town building. No news yet if ther will be any texture upgrades or additional DLC but the modding community can help with that (Unless you play on PS4 like I do.) This might be a good opportunity for Sony fans to jump ship and get the full, modable version on Xbox One. Bethesda also said they will have another run of the limited edition Pip Boy for the GOTY release. Don't hesitate this time. Two years ago they sold out faster than you could say Rocket 69!