Channing Tatum and Joseph Gardon-Levitt Star Together in New Amazon Original "Comrade Detective"


Amazon has a new, original series coming out this week and it looks amazing. It's called Comrade Detective and it stars Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas and Jake Johnson. The whole show is a spoof of poorly dubbed foreign shows. Channing, Joseph and the rest all do the voice over work for this vintage, Romanian detective show. 


The plot summary on IMDB is as follows: 

In the thick of 1980's Cold War hysteria, the Romanian government created the country's most popular and longest-running series, Comrade Detective, a sleek and gritty police show that not only entertained its citizens but also promoted Communist ideals and inspired a deep nationalism. The action-packed and blood-soaked first season finds Detectives Gregor Anghel and Joseph Baciu investigating the murder of fellow officer Nikita Ionesco and, in the process, unraveling a subversive plot to destroy their country that is fueled by-what else-but the greatest enemy: Capitalism.

It's hard to tell, from the trailer, if we'll actually see Channing, Joseph and Nick on screen. The show premeirs August 4th exclusively for Prime members so ask your friends for their login and watch this trailer.