Game of Thrones - S7 Episode 3 Recap


This may a be a running theme on this recap but they are wasting no time at all. The opening scene shows Davos Seaworth and Jon Snow landing on the beach to Tyrion and Missandei surrounded by armed Dothraki. Exchanging mutual respect, Jon and Tyrion reflect on their last encounter traveling to The Wall. Bringing together two of the most important figures has taken 6 seasons and 3 episodes but we finally have the long awaited combination of Fire and Ice. 

It's quickly evident that Jon did not come to mess around with Daenarys. He gets straight to the point of his visit: The White Walkers. He explains that they will need Dany's help to defeat them or everyone in the seven kingdoms she hopes to rule will be killed. She is more interested in Jon relinquishing his title of King of The North. Jon, being the brooding serious type we know and love, doesn't give in to this. He knows titles are not important, but sees the bigger picture that he won't be able to spare his men to help her win the war in the South. It's a tense showdown of a couple powerful figures. I just hope someone let's them know they are related before that tension boils over. 

A ship of Greyjoys (the good kind, presumably) save Theon from freezing to death. He tries to claim he attempted to save Yara, but they know he'd be dead if he had. This makes me wonder if Theon maybe made the right choice. He and Yara would probably both be dead if he had continued to fight. Now, as he seems to do regularly, Theon has a chance to redeem himself. 

Speaking of Greyjoys, everybody's favorite pirate returns triumphantly to give his gift to Cersei. He returns Ellaria and Tyene Sand to the Red Keep to be punished for killing Cersei's only daughter. He makes a big show, riding his horse into the throne room (must have been a pain in the ass to get the poop stains out of that giant carpet). Euron is the new greatest villain in the series.

Cersei gets her poetic revenge against Ellaria by poisoning Tyene as they are locked up together. This is cruel, and it's easy to hate Cersei, but I can't say Ellaria has been much of an angel herself, she just happens to be allied with folks we like. She meets with a representative from the Iron Bank, and in a nice little foreshadow, she promises the Lannister debts will be paid before he returns to Braavos.  

Jon and Tyrion have a nice little brooding session on a cliff together, swapping advice. Tyrion then offers his aide to Jon in helping him get something that can help him in his fight vs the Army of the Dead. Daenerys, after discussing this Tyrion tells Jon they will assist in creating dragonglass weapons and help provide men needed to fight the White Walkers. 

Littlefinger shares some advice for Sansa stating she should "always imagine that there is a battle all around, be ready for anything and nothing will surprise you". This explains why he is always so prepared and adept at playing the Game. Sansa has been slowly becoming more and more cynical, but still retaining the good. Hopefully she can retain the smarts and the morality and be the best of both worlds. 

I'm not sure how Bran was able to arrive before Arya, but we got the second most exciting Stark reunion of this season thus far. Bran, combining his teenage hormones with the infinite knowledge of being the Three-Eye-Raven is super moody creating a lukewarm reunion. Let's hope he can push through puberty and lessen his brooding. 

As a huge fan of Sir Jorah Mormont, I was extremely pleased to hear the news that he is cured of his grayscale. In a touching scene, Samwell extends his hand to shake Jorah's. The first physical human contact (that wasn't forcibly removing his skin) since he contracted grayscale. Sam wasn't expelled despite performing the forbidden ritual, however he was "punished" by having to copy old scrolls that were falling apart. Seems right up Sam's alley. I theorize, he's going to get some new juicy info out of these ancient scrolls. Some long forgotten Ice Dragon perhaps?? Please? 

Tyrion explains the strategy for their siege on Casterly Rock, while we see it visualized on the screen. This was a brilliant strategy (both for the battle and the director) because it showed a quick battle that didn't last long. The Lannisters had left a skeleton force that they knew would fall in order to draw the Unsullied ships to be destroyed by Euron (man, he's good at destroying ships). This traps the Unsullied in Casterly Rock with few options. The full Lannister army easily dispatched the Tyrell army and confiscated their riches. (Remember that foreshadowing from earlier???). 

In the best scene from the episode. We see Jamie confront Olenna Tyrell in her tower. The exchange is a testament to both characters. Jamie showing his merciful side, allowing Olenna to take a poison instead of Cersei's cruel ideas. It also showed the Olenna was never truly defeated and always had the last laugh. Her goal was to spread seeds of doubt in Jamie about Cersei. First, by pointing out that she's a monster, then by revealing her big secret. She was responsible for poisoning Joffrey, not Tyrion. I believe her goal was make Jamie pick between his siblings whom he loves very much. After Cersei's treatment of Tyrion, Jamie is sure to have a bit of disdain for her as she was the driving force behind his current predicament. 

We're 3 down and 4 left to go. Hold on to your butts!