Gypsy Wants To Be a Good Netflix Show

Gypsy show review

Gypsy is a new Netflix show starring Naomi Watts (Jean Holloway), Billy Crudup (Michael Holloway), Sophie Cookson (Sidney Pierce) and Melanie Liburd (Alexis.) It centers around the troubled relationship between Jean and Michael. She is an unstable narcissist who somehow became a therapist and he is an inattentive lawyer who likes to "work late" constantly. The main conflict of the show centers around Naomi Watt’s inability to stay out of the personal lives of her clients. One man in particular starts coming to her office to get over a breakup that has been weighing heavily on him. He’s plagued by the “what could I have done differently” notion in regards to a sexy, no holds barred, punk rock chick (Sidney.) The show likes to constantly remind you of how out of his league this girl really is. Jean becomes intrigued by this girl and decides it would be a good idea to seek her out and do some in person research. She begins her stalking adventure at Sidney's' place of work. After some quick over the counter flirtation, Jean wastes no time forcing herself to transform into a cringey, hyper sexual vixen in order to gain this girl's attention. Michael in the meantime is constantly working, long, hard nights with Alexis and all the while I'm just wondering who's taking care of the Holloway's daughter (who's name I'm pretty sure was just Plot Device.) The tension in the Holloway family is so forced it's hard to watch and Naomi Watts seems so awkward in her role that I could barely finish the series. I can see why some people may find the cat and mouse aspects of the show intriguing but to me it just came off as fifty shades of Netflix. It's a show that wants to be edgy but it doesn't quite get past a highschoolers diary levels of tension. I like you, but I shouldn't, but it's fun to be bad, but I'm married, but he'll never know, she'll never find out, but let's do it anyways. This is pretty much the overall structure of the entire series.

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Gypsy is like a show about spin the bottle, but every time the spinner lands on it's next victim, they just give their suitor the sexy eyes and a Kristen Stewart lip bite, before quickly spinning the bottle again and then throwing a blanket over their head to cry. If you've always wanted to see a crossover between Sex and the City and Cruel Intentions then this is the show for you. Who knows... I'm just a 27 year old guy from California and this show might not be meant for my demographic. As far as I could tell (from what I could stand watching) this show is just about bad people doing bad things badly... and not in a good, Always Sunny in Philadelphia way. So Gypsy didn't really do it for me but maybe it will for you. I'd give this show 5/10 awkward Naomi Watt's strip teases.