Die Antwoord Made a Limited Release Comic Book Called Fuck Everyone


If you don't already know who Die Antwoord are this whole story will be a little lost in you. The short version is Die Antwoord are a South African rap duo consisting of two members, Yolandi Visser and Ninja. The group is largely known for their unique brand of music they call Zef. It's a blend of Rap, Hip Hop and usually spoken in English and Afrikaans, which is a Dutch hybrid language from South Africa. The two are most widely known for their song "I Fink U Freeky" and their roles in the movie Chappie (where they played themselves.)The comic book, written by Ninja and Yolandi Visser and illustrated by Ashley Wood, was released on July 20th at a limited release party in San Diego at Sparks Gallery.

Here are the comic details: FUCK EVERYONE* is a limited edition A3 format (11.7×16.5″ big fucker) comic written by Ninja and ¥o-landi with art and design by Ashley Wood. From what I've read there were only 1,000 of these printed and they were only available at the premier party. The comic is a limited edition print which was actually created to promote the Die Antwoord tv show that's currently in the works called "South African Ninja." The information for this project is still a little vague, as is most news from Die Antwoord. Most of the news we get comes from their Instagram accounts @dieantwoord and @zef_alien. I'm sure it'll be a few days before we see some posts about the actual content of these books, but for now, enjoy these snippets the band and the artist have shared on Social Media! 

The official announcement from the Die Antwoord Website. 

The official announcement from the Die Antwoord Website.