You Get Me is Netflix's Trendy Answer to Swim Fan


You Get Me is a Netflix original movie about high school relationships, love and obsession. Tyler (Taylor John Smith,) and Ali (Halston Sage,) are your typical high school movie couple who are "in love" and very bad at communicating. The first day of the school year is right around the corner so as a last hurrah, Tyler, Ali and their friends attend a super cool party. It’s not a normal party though. This is one of those overdone movie parties with tons of lights, people, jerks and exposition. Tyler leaves Ali alone for a minute while he goes to grab her a drink. He’s confronted by Chase who fills Tyler in on his girlfriends “shameful” past full of sex and partying. Of course Ali has been hesitant to allow their relationship to advance to that next level of intimacy and Tyler was completely unaware of her past experiences. He becomes immediately jealous and irrational. Instead of talking to his girlfriend and discussing this issue like a person would, he leaves her at the party and heads outside. Tyler is immediately approached by Holly (Bella Thorne,) who pulls up in a brand new f-type and tells him to get in.


The two of them head off to share a night full of intense, teen passion and form an on screen relationship stronger than his and Ali’s ever was. At first it’s unclear how much time has passed but it seems as though Holly and Tyler have been having this fantasy love fest for weeks. All of a sudden there’s conflict when Tyler realizes he should be home and his parents might worry. The next day Ali shows up at his house and, big surprise, she wants to explain things and get their relationship back on track. She says that from now on there will be nothing but honesty in their relationship, opening a window for Tyler to confess and move on but alas, he’s an idiot and keeps quiet. We then cut to the first day of school and wouldn’t you know it, Holly is a new student at their school and she shares classes with Tyler and his friends. She quickly and awkwardly works her way into his friend group where we meet Gil (Nash Grier,) and Lydia (Anna Akana.)


The rest of the movie is basically a Swim Fan rip off full of miscommunication, awkward teen dialogue, blatant hipster pandering and a surprisingly decent soundtrack. It’s not a bad movie but it’s definitely not one i’d watch again. It’s clearly meant for a younger, probably female audience. The acting was decent and the editing and cinematography was on par with most Netflix projects. The most unfortunate part of this movie was the lack of screen time given to Anna Akana’s character. It’s been great to see Anna grow from youtube star to movies but she was definitely a side character in this. At first you think she’s going to be the intelligent friend who saves the day and blows the plot wide open but they felt the need to take her out with a poisoned smoothie early in the rising action of the film. So if you're staring at Netflix for too long and can't figure out what to watch, give this movie a try. It's not for everyone but it's a decent, stay home sick, teen drama.